Is it spring yet? The best kids jackets for spring

Apparently it is spring. I know this because my calendar says it’s April and April is definitely spring. Except, when I look out of the window the sky’s darker than the latest moody shade of Farrow & Ball and there is, quite literally, no sign of the sun.

Still, it’s spring, which means I suppose we need to dust off our lighter wardrobe, wax the hairy toes and get the kids’ spring jackets ready in case the sunshine does decide to make an appearance (which, my weather app tells me, is later this week. We can but hope.).

The girls are all set for spring on the jacket front, with these cute and colourful Asteri jackets by Scandinavian outdoor kidswear brand, Reima. Both jackets include a pocket with press buttons for a ReimaGO sensor – a sort of kids’ version of a FitBit – which connects to a fun app and monitors how much activity kids’ are doing. As tech fans, both kids were very excited by this little feature. 

Despite there being not much sun around at the moment we took the jackets for a spin up on Dartmoor at the weekend. It turned out to be colder than we’d realised, with gale force winds whipping through our clothes and threatening to blow us off the hills. But still, the girls’ lightweight Reima jackets kept them warm – warmer than their dad’s thin little jacket anyway…

Earlier in the week we took the jackets to Bournemouth and tried them out at the beach. The great thing about these jackets is their versatility – they’re lightweight enough to be great for a sunny day but also give enough cover to keep the cold out if it’s windy. (There’s no hood though, so not ideal for torrential rain-pours.)

Both my girls are getting to an age now where they have clear ideas of what they want to wear. Freya’s current thing is anything that looks vaguely like Jojo Siwa might wear it (huge bows and the gaudiest gemstones and sequins, then) and Effie’s very into the “scruffy princess” look. I wasn’t sure if they’d give these jackets the thumbs up, because they are neither gaudy, gemstone covered or scruffy, but they both love them. They love them so much, in fact, that they chose to wear them to school and pre-school today.

When it came to paddling in the sea, Freya even kept her jacket on for that, too. Her sister, on the other hand…



Thanks to Reima for working with us on this post. For more information about how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page


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