A day in Lyme Regis (and some thoughts on Instagram and social media)

Hello! How are you enjoying the school holidays so far? Surviving? We are, just about. I'm knee-deep in work as I try to smash through some deadlines before we go to France, but I wanted to pop over here today to share some photos from our day out in Lyme Regis yesterday. It was our last day with my sister and her boyfriend before they head back to Australia. We're not likely to see them before February next year when (hopefully!) they'll be moving back to the UK. If you've not visited Lyme Regis before, I highly recommend it. Granted, it was packed with tourists enjoying the beach, but ... read more

Snack saviours and a little confession

Our house is a house of hangry. It takes just seconds for all hell to break loose and the source of the screaming is usually down to two things: hunger or tiredness. Hangry tantrums are worse than any other because, usually, a hangry child is too, well, hangry to convey what it is they actually want. This is where snacks come in. Now, I'll be honest and hold my hand up here to admit that my toddler doesn't always snack on healthy food. I do my best but if I'm disorganised and we're out and about then I may panic buy a packet of biscuits just to end the hangry screaming. Healthy snacks for ... read more

26 lessons I’ve learned in three years as a school mum

In just a couple of days my tiny baby girl will be leaving Year 2. That's right, I'm going to be a mum to an actual Year 3 child (as opposed to a pretend Year 3 child - who knew?). But never mind what my eldest child's learned in three years of school, this post is all about what I've learned as a school mum. From the mundanely practical to the deep-thinking philosophical, here are 26 lessons I've learned in my first three years as a school mum. But first, some numbers: Did you know three years as a school mum means approximately 1,080 school runs (if you take the average of 180 school days ... read more

When your sister lives in Australia

when your sister lives in Australia

My little sister moved to Australia in April 2016. I've missed her like crazy. It's a funny thing when someone you're so close to moves far, far away. Like, so far that you can't simply pick up the phone and ring them to hear their voice. It's been amazing to see her adventures and so lovely to know she's happy and healthy and grabbing every moment out of life. But on the other, selfishly, it's hard. It's hard mainly because I miss her so much. Anyway, last week she returned from the other side of the world for a visit back to the UK. It's been wonderful. ... read more

Holiday dresses with Simply Be – who knew?!

When it comes to clothes shopping, there are a few staple brands I go to again and again, without really thinking about it. Occasionally I might come across a new brand on Instagram but, mainly, I'm predictable in the extreme, opting for the regular high street haunts most of us probably go to. Simply Be is not a shop I've ever been in before and, to be honest, it's not a brand that had ever really crossed my radar before. Until now, that is. With our summer trip coming up, I've been on the hunt for some new holiday dresses to wear in France. My main requirement? Comfort. I want something ... read more

Car seat goals with Cosatto

As baby products go, I've always had a thing for Cosatto. Baby Girl's cot (now transformed into a toddler bed) is by Cosatto, and I've long since admired the brightly coloured buggies and prams in the Cosatto range. So when we were asked if we'd be interested in reviewing a couple of car seats by Cosatto, it was an easy decision. Luckily, the girls are as pleased with their new car seats as I am... OK, so let's be honest. When you're a parent your priorities for a car seat probably aren't that it looks so flipping pretty (although that helps). If you're a proper grown-up and not a ... read more

Breastfeeding a toddler – a little boob update

I never thought I'd be here, writing about breastfeeding a toddler who is hurtling towards the age of three. In fact, in just over three months' time my youngest will turn three years old and I may, possibly, be here writing about breastfeeding a pre-schooler. Is three still a toddler? Probably not. Sob. Anyway, the extended breastfeeding thing. I realised I haven't written about breastfeeding here since March, which may be because not much has changed since then. We're still here, still plodding along and still very much boob-obsessed. I certainly never planned to be feeding Baby Girl this ... read more

How to throw a kids’ pamper party without losing your mind

9pm on a Friday night and I'm desperately scrubbing a Barbie doll, ready to plant in the top of a cake - the piece de resistance of my daughter's seventh birthday party. How Friday nights have changed. Fast-forward 24 hours later, when the kids' pamper party is all done and dusted, and I'm pleased I went the extra mile. It was a party to remember and, I hope, will be notched down in my daughter's bank of happy childhood memories in years' to come. When Frog chose a pamper theme for her party this year I was half relieved and half scared. Relieved, because it meant hosting a smaller number ... read more

Why birthdays are a big deal – starting the celebrations at Smiggle

I know a few people - my husband included - who don't really get the birthday thing. To them, it's just another day, no biggie. The thought of looking at Pinterest for party ideas gives them a headache and they can't comprehend splashing out an extortionate amount of money on the latest trend present. Sometimes, I wish I was like that. It would save me a whole lot of money, bother and exhaustion if I was. But I'm not. To me, birthdays are and always have been a HUGE deal. I'm the original birthday diva, stretching the celebrations out for as long as possible. I might be in my 30s but I ... read more

The holiday outfit edit for comfort loving women

I don't know about you, but when it gets hot I go into melt mode. I like to be dressed in breezy, flimsy, loose clothes and avoid anything that clings in my most wobbly places. This isn't a case of hating my body - I don't (see why here) - it's more a case of wanting to be comfortable. So with this in mind I've put together an outfit edit of comfortable holiday clothes that won't lose points in the style stakes. After all, the more comfortable you are, the more confident you are etc etc. Dresses First up, it's dresses. I'm a real dress girl in the summer, although for practical reasons (i.e. ... read more