Three Things I’ve Learned Since Leaving My Kids

I've been working abroad for a week now. This is the longest I've been away from my family and there are still a few weeks to go. I'm having the BEST time and soaking up every inch of the experience, but at night, when it's all quiet and I stop to actually think I get this dull ache that feels like I'm missing a limb (although I imagine that would probably hurt more than a dull ache) and I realise it's cos I haven't kissed my kids goodnight. There are a few things I've learned as a mum working away this past week. I imagine there will be more lessons in the weeks to come, but for now this ... read more

Life update: Leaving the country!

Tomorrow I'm saying goodbye to my family for a few weeks to go abroad on an exciting work project. I've made a video but, essentially, I wanted to say that if things quieten down here, on YouTube and all the rest of my social feeds over the next four weeks or so, it's not that I'm dead! Neither am I going through a marriage crisis or anything else like that. I've never been away from Si or the girls for this long before, but the decision for me to go has been a family one and they all support me 100%. While I'm away the girls will be looked after by a lovely nanny who we've hired on a ... read more

On Oversharing Online – Did it Even Happen if we Didn’t Instagram It?

I've had a few things going on recently which I haven't been able to talk about online. Some of the things I haven't been able to talk about at all, full stop. As a chronic over-sharer, this has been difficult. My immediate impulse whenever anything exciting - or unexciting, actually - is going on, is to share. There's solace in sharing and often the outpouring and instant response of sharing online is a welcome distraction to however I might be feeling. It could be a difficult bedtime with the girls, or a really lovely family experience, or an exciting trip away - whatever it is, my ... read more

The biggest pet hint yet – meet our new rabbit

When I was little we had two pet rabbits. They were called Sparkle and Patch and we bought them as babies. We thought we had two girls but my sister - ever the eager-eyed one - noticed that Patch was very much not a girl. Cue Patch being taken to the vet for an emergency procedure to stop us having millions more rabbit babies. Now my girls are getting older they're both in the market for a pet. We've never had a family pet before (not even a goldfish!) and the guilt they're piling on in order to get a pet is strong. Meet Effie's pet of choice: the lesser known purple bunny.... ... read more

10 things I learned at a blogging retreat (and they’re not all about blogging)

I went on a blogging retreat the weekend before last. No one was more surprised by this than me because a) despite blogging for more than seven years I still don't consider myself a *real* blogger and b) everything about the word "retreat" makes me feel itchy. I'm not sure what I expected. I mean, clearly it appealed as I'd paid for my ticket. And on paper it looked really good. But as the date drew nearer I started to get cold feet. What if it was all really serious? Would I be forced to spend the whole weekend discussing camera settings in huge detail? Would I have to wear flower crowns ... read more

Snacks = Life and other things we learned at Organix HQ #FoodYouCanTrust

There is no greater joy in life than a good snack, in my opinion. Life is better with snacks, whether you are three or thirty three. Fact. But I'll be honest, in the past I've always seen snacks as a bit of an indulgent "naughty" thing. We're not meant to eat between mealtimes are we? Snacks are for greedy people with zero will power. Well it turns out I was completely wrong on that point. I took Freya and Effie along to work with me during the Easter holidays, on a girls-only trip to Bournemouth to visit the Organix HQ. We had a blast, mainly because the girls were ridiculously excited to ... read more

Becoming a self tan convert

I've never done self tan before. I'd always been put off by horror stories of orange stripes, brown marks on the bed sheets and uneven coverage. Plus, I'm far too impatient to sit around waiting for a tan to "stick" (or "develop" or whatever the technical word is for self tan). But when I was asked to try out the St Tropez Gradual One Minute Tan I thought I'd give it a go. I mean, let's be honest, self tanning is safer than sunbathing and if it only takes one minute? Well, how hard can it be. OK, so this is me before I'd even opened the product:  ... read more

How we saved over £300 a year by switching energy provider

Being a grown-up can be dull at times, no? For me, there is nothing more mind-numbingly dull than thinking about bills. Council tax bills, energy bills, grocery bills... it's all a bit... meh. However, while I don't enjoy having to think about this stuff, I DO enjoy saving money. The less money spent on the essentials and less interesting stuff, the more we get to spend on fun stuff. So, every now and again, I put my big girl pants on and force myself to be a grown-up. Recently, we decided to do a bit of a family budget overhaul. We changed up our meal plans, reorganised how we do our ... read more

How to get bikini ready – body confidence after kids

As soon as the sun comes out so do the ads for how to get "bikini ready". Whether it's a promise to "bust the belly fat in 2 days" or the advice to "do this one simple thing to lose inches off your waist" the constant message seems to be that we need to change our body. We're too fat, too thin, not round enough, not toned enough. Too wobbly, too bony, too much and too little. There is literally no ad telling us that we are fine as we are, and why would they - when it's in their interest to make us think otherwise. The diet industry is a multi-million pound machine, after all. But here's the ... read more

Is it spring yet? The best kids jackets for spring

Apparently it is spring. I know this because my calendar says it's April and April is definitely spring. Except, when I look out of the window the sky's darker than the latest moody shade of Farrow & Ball and there is, quite literally, no sign of the sun. Still, it's spring, which means I suppose we need to dust off our lighter wardrobe, wax the hairy toes and get the kids' spring jackets ready in case the sunshine does decide to make an appearance (which, my weather app tells me, is later this week. We can but hope.). The girls are all set for spring on the jacket front, with these ... read more