Five things that never change about being a school mum in September

Ah September. It always starts so well doesn't it? The excitement of a new term ahead, fresh stationery sparkling with promise, the peace of the post-school run that doesn't involve holiday clubs or children jumping all over the sofa. And then we hit the mid-September slump which is, very like January, a little bit shit. A couple of weeks in and the novelty of getting into school uniforms again has long since passed, the kids need to be reminded ten hundred million times to put their shoes on and you realise you forgot your New School Year Resolution to "be more organised" and sort out the ... read more

How to survive a massive crisis of confidence

I like to imagine that even the most brazen of celebrities have the occasional crisis of confidence. I bet you - hear me out here - that even Kimmy K occasionally has to drown out her inner mean girl voice. Granted, her mean girl voice is probably more of a whisper, but still. It's the tenacity and sheer unwillingness to accept life's knocks that are often held up as attributes to aspire to - the kind of attributes that allow you to "follow your dreams" and "do what you love, love what you do" etc etc. But when you're in the midst of a huge wobble, it's easy to balk at those breezy ... read more

Life updates, and a new introduction to my family

(This photo, right here, is evidence of why we barely have any photos of us as a family...) This is the first September in a long time when I haven't been brimming with enthusiasm for the months ahead. September is, for me, usually a time of fresh starts and new plans. This year, however, I'm in mourning for summer. We had the best time ever and I feel like it went too quickly. Still, life goes on, summer turns into autumn and no amount of sulking will stop the leaves falling from the trees. So I thought now was as good a time as any to share a few little life updates here and let you know ... read more

Mid-week happy food – an easy and organic family meal #FeedYourHappy

Did you know "happy food" is a thing? Honestly, it is. I first became aware of how happy food could make me when I was a kid. No matter how busy my parents were we always had a proper home-cooked meal, made from scratch. My memory might be hazy but I'm sure Tuesday nights were my favourite. I can remember being at after-school club, looking forward to my mum picking me up, coming home and getting into my pyjamas to watch Changing Rooms on the telly and eat my dad's home-cooked Arabian Chicken. Now I'm a mum myself I feel like I'm winning if I manage to pull one of our own family favourites ... read more

Photo fails – the holiday snaps that didn’t make it to Instagram

I think I took more holiday photos this year than ever before and, if you follow me on Instagram, I apologise for that. One of my favourite things about coming home after a holiday is to look through all the photos we took while we were away. This is where I tend to find the awful photo fails and often, rather than delete them, I keep the bad photos because they make me laugh and remind me of a moment I'd otherwise forget - even if it's not a moment I want to frame and hang on my wall. With this in mind I thought I'd show you a behind the Instagram-scenes of the trip (although obviously ... read more

How to battle loneliness when working from home

I've been officially self-employed for six years and two months. In fact, I've worked for myself for so long now I've almost forgotten what it feels like to have a "proper" job. These days, my boss consists of YouTube viewers, blog readers (you!) and various magazine and website editors. In September I'm also going to be going back to do a bit of freelance radio again, but my status as "self-employed" will remain the same. A huge part of being self-employed is, for me, about working from home. I film, edit and write from home, around school and pre-school hours and during the evenings and ... read more

Camping in France with Yelloh!

This time last week we were still camping in France with Yelloh! I say "camping", but I actually mean staying in a "cottage" (chalet to you and me) complete with modcons like a toilet, running water and kitchen. Yeah, we cheated - although we are looking at doing proper camping next year so don't berate us yet. Anyway, we had such a fantastic time I wanted to tell you a bit more about this particular part of our holiday. Before I go on, I feel like I should say it wasn't a review trip - we booked it, paid for it and organised it all ourselves. Not that it would make any difference to what I ... read more

If you love Instagram THIS is the place you need to visit

Hello! I've taken an accidental, unplanned blog break due to having barely any internet in the second place we stayed in in France. Anyway, I'm back and want to share with you today a little (photo-heavy) post about a lovely day out we had in Bergerac during our first week. There's also a video so if vlogs are your thing then scroll to the end to watch. So it's not the 90s TV show set in Jersey starring John Nettles, but the French town that I'm talking about today. (Side note: does anyone else remember that show? And if so, does anyone now have the theme tune stuck in their head?!) Anyway, ... read more

18 hours in Nantes and Les Machines de I’ile

When we planned our trip to France this summer we knew we wanted to make it a holiday of two halves. The first part (where we are now) would be a relaxing week in a gites in the Dordogne region. Time to reconnect as a family after a hectic few months, swim in the lakes and rivers, wander around French markets. The second part (where we're heading next) would be a bit more lively, in a chalet on a  Yelloh! holiday park with multiple water slides, kids' clubs and a bar. The problem was, though, that we needed a stopover point to glue the holiday together. This is why we ended up spending 18 ... read more

The unexpected bonus of finding holiday clothes for him

I didn't realise it at the time, but I married a fussy man. My husband is OH SO FUSSY. He's fussy about food (won't eat meat on the bone, hates leftovers, can't stand most types of fruit etc) and is even fussier about clothes. If something doesn't fit exactly right then he won't wear it - even if it's brand new and looks great as far as everyone else is concerned. So finding holiday outfits for him often proves to be a bit of a dilemma. I've lost count of the number of shops we've traipsed around in a mad panic, the day before going on holiday, over the past few years. This is where Jacamo ... read more