Is it spring yet? The best kids jackets for spring

Apparently it is spring. I know this because my calendar says it's April and April is definitely spring. Except, when I look out of the window the sky's darker than the latest moody shade of Farrow & Ball and there is, quite literally, no sign of the sun. Still, it's spring, which means I suppose we need to dust off our lighter wardrobe, wax the hairy toes and get the kids' spring jackets ready in case the sunshine does decide to make an appearance (which, my weather app tells me, is later this week. We can but hope.). The girls are all set for spring on the jacket front, with these ... read more

Life lately – Easter in pictures

We're not a religious family but I do embrace the seasons and have always loved Easter. The kids love it for obvious reasons and I love it for the forced slow-pace. Christmas is great, but it can often get a bit frantic (especially if, like me, you're a PTA Mum and have a school fair to contend with). There's no pressure at Easter, just good food, time off and no excuse needed to sit around in your pyjamas. This year Easter was busier than usual, which is why this post is a week late. We went to my parents' for Good Friday until Easter Sunday, then came home to host my in-laws at our house ... read more

A free day out with Subway – Kids Eat Free!

Somehow I’ve managed to make it through nearly eight years as a parent without going to Subway. This is due to a mixture of things, the main one being a misplaced idea that Subway didn’t cater for kids. I know! What was I thinking?! Because, at the moment, not only does Subway cater for kids – but they cater for them FOR FREE. We were challenged by Subway to have a day out without spending any money on the kids, to celebrate the new Kids Eat Free deal at participating Subway stores. So off we went to our nearest Subway, which turned out to be a mere one mile away. (We used the online store ... read more

Signs I’ve become a proper grown up

Do you ever get sudden moments of realisation that you’re a grown-up? I do, all the time. It’s that jolt as I’m making the girls’ packed lunches that I suddenly see myself from the outside – a mum just like my own mum was, doing a mundane chore that is very boring but very necessary. Or it’s that moment when I’m reviewing our financial admin – life insurance, mortgage, building insurance - and I realise with a gasp that I’m in a position of responsibility, co-running a ship with adult things to consider like which bank account gives the best interest. This is weird, because I don’t really ... read more

Dear daughters, what I wish for you

If there's one thing I can guarantee it's that, no matter how unsentimental I am, I will get soppy at Easter and Christmas. There's something about these big holidays that makes me realise how quickly time is passing and then panic that I'm not making the most of these years while the girls are young. For example, it seems just a minute ago that we went to the Isle of Wight with my parents for Easter, but that was actually three years ago now. Effie was a tiny, non-sleeping baby and Freya was in her first year at school. Now, scarily, she's only got one more term left of being Year 3. SLOW ... read more

How to create your own DIY upcycled planter in under 30 minutes

Ever since I did my first upcycle job turning a bunch of old jam jars into candle holders for my university dorm room, I've been hooked on the idea of upcycling. Before I throw anything out I'll always see if there's a way I can give it a new lease of life, and some of my favourite home pieces are upcycled ones with a history (particularly my grandma's old rocking chair, in the girls' bedroom)... Something I don't do as much of though, is upcycle brand new things. Which is exactly what Wayfair challenged me to do for a recent project. The brief: create a DIY design on a planter from ... read more

How to do the perfect Easter egg hunt with Cadbury

Some of my favourite childhood memories are from Easter. No matter how old I was, I was never too old for an Easter egg hunt (is 17 too old? Don’t judge me) and the best hunts involved various types of eggs – always chocolate, and always Cadbury. We had hunts at cousins' houses, in holiday homes and in our own garden at home, depending on where we were spending Easter. The excitement of spotting the foil wrapping glinting from behind a tree, then tallying up our Easter egg haul at the end of the hunt was very real. Now I’m a mum myself, the excitement is in setting up the hunt and ... read more

Four lazy mum hacks for self-care parenting

Confession: at least two days a week I turn into Lazy Mum. And you know what? Those are often two of my favourite days of the week. On Lazy Mum days we eat a trash tea, the kids have unlimited screen time and there is - gasp - not one single organised activity. Basically, on these days I'm about as far from Pinterest Perfect Mum as you can get. I like to think of Lazy Mum days as the "self care" essential for a stressed out mum. We're all told about the benefits of giving ourselves a break, being "kind" to ourselves, living in the moment etc. But when you're living life at 100 miles an ... read more

These facts about kids snack foods will shock you #FoodYouCanTrust

Of all the brands I've ever worked with on this blog, Organix has been one of my favourite and longest running relationships. I've been to their headquarters in Bournemouth a couple of times (it's gorgeous) and learned SO much about kids' snack food, the industry as a whole and why it's important to at least think about this stuff as a parent. And believe me, it IS important. Warning: what you're about to read might make you mad. This year the work continues, as I'm joining five other bloggers on the Organix Junk Buster panel. It feels like a pivotal moment for the debate, as the ... read more

How to make a Gallery Wall (the impatient person’s guide)

Gallery walls are still a thing, honest. I know this because I write for proper fancy interiors magazines and regularly interview people with nicer houses than my own (see a snippet of my portfolio here *shameless plug*). The thing about gallery walls, is that they can add colour, interest and personality to a space without actually having to do much work, which is why I love the one we have in our living room. Anyway, one of the most random and repeated questions I get asked about on Instagram is my living room gallery wall. People seem to like it, and seem to think it takes a degree and a ... read more