Healthy party food and a toddler tea party

The words "healthy" and "party food" might not automatically go hand-in-hand, but in my experience of kids' birthday parties, the healthier the food often the happier the kids and parents. I mean, a room full of hyped up kids on E numbers and sugar isn't always that fun, is it? I've hosted four big birthday parties now, and a few little ones for the girls. With Frog's seventh birthday coming up at the end of June (cue: "HOW IS MY BABY GOING TO BE SEVEN?!!" meltdowns) I'm currently on the hunt for more healthy party food ideas to keep her interested. One recipe that always goes down well is ... read more

Going bare faced for summer

  Every summer I do a mini overhaul of my skin and beauty regime. In fact, "regime" is probably a bit of a highbrow word for what I do: chucking away any out of date make-up and switching around moisturisers. With two young children, a house to keep together, work and school runs, I simply don't have time to pamper myself for hours (or even minutes) on end every day. Quite frankly, I have better things to do. With this in mind I've decided to go bare faced for summer with the help of a new hero product in the Elizabeth Arden range - Advanced Ceramide Capsules. The claims? ... read more

Life lately – the one about Easter

You know how, as a parent, you occasionally get those moments when the moon and the stars align and everything falls into place to create perfection? Yeah, it doesn't happen often. But when it does you grab it with both hands and savour every second because you just don't know how long it will last. This is a large part of the reason I tend to embrace the imperfections of life, because if happiness was based around the fleeting perfect moments then I wouldn't get much time to be happy! Anyway, our Easter weekend was one such example of the universe coming together to give us a great time - and ... read more

Recent adventures in play dates

One of the things that keeps me sane as a mum who works from home, who's with her kids almost 24/7, is the play date. The good old play date is a chance not only for kids to catch up and learn those all-important socialising skills, but (possibly more importantly) a chance for mums - or dads - to connect with another adult and chat about something other than Peppa Pig. When we first moved to Devon I remember being worried that my then three year old would miss out on play dates. And, if I'm honest, at first she did. I tried really hard to break into a clique of pre-school mums in the town ... read more

11 Lessons I’ve learned so far this holiday

Sometimes all it takes is a pause in routine, a bit of time with your gang and an open mind to make you appreciate how good life can be, you know? This been a glorious Easter holiday so far. Of course there have been the obligatory moments of madness (like this time I tried to do DIY with a toddler) but, mainly, it's been idyllic. Messy, sometimes chaotic, busy but idyllic all the same. And I say this as someone whose toddler decided to begin an enforced potty training schedule two days ago but has survived to tell the tale (so far). Here are 11 things I've learned during the past week of ... read more

How we display our childrens’ art (and a mum confession)

So let's get something straight right off the bat, OK? I don't lovingly store away every single piece of artwork my kids make. In fact, I don't even keep half of it. Most of it goes in the bin, once the girls are safely tucked up in bed and none the wiser. They've never asked where a particular "lost" painting is though, so I think most of the ones that don't make the cut aren't that valued anyway. I like to think it's the process and not the end result they love, you know? Anyway, now we've got that little mum confession out of the way, I can tell you what we do with the priceless pieces ... read more

Perfect is impossible (but happiness isn’t)

Take one look at this photo and what do you see? A happy child, idyllic setting, blue skies.... you'll probably also notice the sandy face and unkempt hair, the fact that the child is very possibly (definitely) naked in a public place and a tantrum about all that sand is no doubt on the horizon. Welcome to my life. My perfectly imperfect, happy life. Because here's the thing: perfect is NOT possible. No such thing exists. We're all chasing it all the time but while we're chasing we're missing all those perfectly imperfect moments inbetween. Maybe I see it more as a blogger, laying my life ... read more

Breastfeeding outfits for spring – and a little boob update

I never thought I'd be here this spring, still breastfeeding. I never thought I'd be breastfeeding a toddler, full stop. But here we are, still breastfeeding at nearly two and a half years old. My poor tired boobs are probably ready to stop but my feisty tot is determined the time hasn't come yet, so on we soldier. This means that, yet again, I'm tied to breastfeeding outfits for spring this season. Dresses with buttons, pinafores, tops and skirts or my faithful culottes - if it has easy boob access then I'm in. Seeing as trawling the internet for breastfeeding outfits for spring has been ... read more

It’s cool to be normal

The pressure is huge sometimes, huh? Aside from being perfectly patient parents, offering our kids multiple opportunities, always being there, happy and smiling, cherishing every moment, we have to be cool mums, fit mums, in shape, with stylish outfits and trendy baby bags. Instagram, magazines, YouTube... social media and mainstream media have merged to create an idealised image of mum that most of us (at least, most of the parents I know) simply can't live up to. But you know what? It's not normal. Here's what most normal mums in my life look like: slightly frazzled, doing the best they ... read more

My school run morning skincare routine

It's taken me two and a half years but, finally, I have my school run morning skincare routine DOWN. I don't have time to faff about with layers of makeup and complicated cleanse rituals, but my skin is tired (thanks non-sleeping children!), I have under-eye bags and if I left the house with nothing but a quick splash of water on my face I'd risk scaring all the kids at school. There's been a lot of trial and error in my morning skincare routine. I've dabbled with various products and attempted multiple variations of easy make-up but, eventually, I've found a combination that works for ... read more