Why it’s OK to love yourself

"She's so full of herself. She really loves herself," was one of the many insults hurled around back when I went to school. To be told you were "up yourself" or "loved yourself" was a sure way to bring you down a peg or two. This is not what you need to hear as a teenager, battling all sorts of self-doubt. And I think it's one of a million reasons I have struggled with the idea of loving myself ever since. Until the past year or so, that is. I've always been an outwardly confident person. I'm chatty, love the limelight and have often been accused of being irritatingly chirpy. Inside, ... read more

Dear New Mum, your body is normal

new mum body

Dear New Mum, Congratulations! You made a baby! Now, as the euphoria fades, and you start to find time to sneak back onto Facebook or perhaps even watch a bit of Love Island while snuggling your newborn, I want you to remember something: your body is not an elastic band. It is not meant to "snap back into shape". You just did something amazing - you grew a human. The best thing you can do for your body and your mind right now is to reward them with a rest and a biscuit. There are far, FAR more important things to worry about at this moment in time than "losing the baby weight". You ... read more

Digital confidence and life goals from a 70 year old

Google Digital Garage Digital Confidence Drop In Event

There's a whole load of research showing a direct link between increased confidence (or self-esteem) and increased life satisfaction - don't take my word for it, consult Mr Google. Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes - and digital confidence is SO important in 2018 when we rely so much on tech. But what if you're not feeling confident? How can you get a confidence boost and find that next level life satisfaction? In a digital world where Comparison Syndrome often raises its ugly head, it can be hard to find that inner confidence. And in the words of Roald Dahl, "It's impossible to make ... read more

Hormones, confidence and plastic free periods

About 18 months ago I was trapped in a monthly cycle of confidence dips and, I now know, a lot of what I was feeling was linked to my period. It's quite common for women's periods to change after pregnancy and I was no different. Having never suffered with anything more than a dull cramp in the form of symptoms, I suddenly found myself battling fierce cramps, huge dips in confidence that would last a couple of days and feeling ALL the emotions. It was exhausting. At the time I just shrugged it off and cracked on, putting a brave face on over the turmoil I was feeling underneath and ... read more

Body image and kids – how to promote a body positive household

A couple of weeks ago I was in the changing rooms of our local outdoor pool. It was a hot sunny day and the pool was packed. There were families and kids and teenagers and a whole load of people just messing about in the water, sunbathing and generally having fun. In the changing rooms though, there was a teenage girl crying. The reason? She was absolutely terrified of going out into the pool area in her bikini. As she sobbed to her friend that her boobs were too big, her thighs were too big, her bum was too round, groups of other kids threw themselves into the water outside, splashing each ... read more

Boost your digital confidence with Post Office Broadband and Google Digital Garage

Digital Confidence with Google Garage

There's no denying that if you feel more confident you'll have greater life satisfaction (there's been all sorts of research done on this - Google is your friend). I've talked a lot recently about body confidence, but confidence is a huge subject that can't be confined to just one area. Digital Confidence is a whole other topic - and, amazingly, research commissioned by Post Office Broadband found that a whopping 20% of people in the UK (including young people) don't feel digitally confident. When you think about how much we rely on technology now, that's quite a scary number. This is why ... read more

Summer snack tips for kids – healthy snack ideas for days out

Organix snacks for kids

I'll be straight with you - we eat our fair share of ice-cream in the summer. Living in Devon, near the beach, it's a given that we're going to eat ice-cream on a sunny day out. I'm all for balance when it comes to food - both for me and the kids - so I refuse to ban any food, opting instead to balance out the "bad" foods with plenty of good ones. This is where the Organix snack range comes in so handy, particularly at this time of year when we're rarely home for long. Our main places to visit when we're Devon-bound on a sunny day are the beach, the moor, or a local farm or little theme ... read more

Self acceptance vs being your best self

Self-acceptance and "being your best self" are two of the big buzz words on the internet at the moment. You can't scroll for two seconds on Instagram without seeing one or other of these phrases, either in a caption or a hashtag. As someone preaching the self-acceptance line, this isn't always a bad thing - but I've always thought the "be your best self" idea was actually at odds with the notion of self-acceptance. I mean, if you want to be "your best self", does that mean you really, truly like the self you are right now, even if it isn't necessarily at it's "best"? The thing is, recently, ... read more

The new Capri-Sun Original and how to shake up boring a weekday evening

I love the sunshine, it makes me happy. I could quite easily live in a hot country and never moan about the heat (until it gets too hot, natch). The thing is, when you’ve got to go about your daily business, do school runs, crack on with work deadlines, it can feel like you’re not making the most of the weather. This is where the new Capri-Sun Original range came in handy earlier this week, when we decided to shake up a weekday evening and have some fun in the sun. Weekday evenings are usually overrun with taxi-ing to various after-school clubs, or long trips to the park, followed by ... read more

Body confidence isn’t just for bigger people

I'm a size 12 and weigh ten stone and five pounds (I know this because I just weighed myself for the first time in six months). This means I am two dress sizes smaller and a stone lighter than the average UK woman. I am also three dress sizes larger and at least a couple of stone heavier than the average UK model. I'm not curvy but I'm not willowy thin - my body doesn't "fit" anywhere. But this doesn't mean I can't talk about body confidence. I've never been discriminated against because of my size, never had to put up with disgusting abuse because of the shape of my body, never been made ... read more