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Please tell me I’m not the only one who has just wanted to get NAKED this week?! Blimey, being pregnant in this hot weather is doing my cankles no good. Aside from that, I can’t believe it’s now week 11 of the #BlogBumpClub. Apologies for my tardiness this week – today we have been mainly doing this:

At the beach

Today marked the first day of the summer holidays for us (although Frog has her pre-school leaver’s service tomorrow which I will inevitably cry at) and it means SIX WHOLE WEEKS of the NLM – a teacher – being at home with us. Hurrah! So after a hospital appointment for Frog’s leg we hot-footed it to the beach to do some physio in the sea.

Although Frog has now had her cast off for a whole week she’s still not putting any weight on her “bad” leg, meaning I’ve still had to carry her around in this boiling heat, which has been tough. Today’s X-Ray showed the bone has fully healed and the physio thinks her lack of weight-bearing is mainly down to being scared. She has another physio session on Monday and we’ve been instructed to get her in the water as much as possible, which is fine by me because the water is COOL and I am HOT.

If you’re suffering with the heat then I can thoroughly recommend bobbing around in the cool water (be it swimming pool or sea) for a bit to feel a million times better. By the time I got out of the water my cankles were almost non-existent. Amazing.

The rest of the week has mainly been spent wearing as few clothes as possible…

30 weeks pregnant bump

I even opted for one of my pre-pregnancy bikinis today at the beach because it was too hot even for my maternity tankini!

In true sod’s law fashion, I’ve also had a cold for the last couple of days. Every sneeze has been like a game of pelvic floor Russian roulette and, I’ll be honest, I’ve not won every round (tmi – sorry).

Aside from the cold and the cankles though, I’m feeling pretty good. Knowing we now have six weeks of fun helps. With the NLM at home it means the work / mum juggle is a lot easier, plus much of my work scales back over the summer holidays anyway. Win.

I’ve also been getting very excited about our own arrival in the autumn after seeing the adorable snaps of Chelle’s (of Unique & Chic)┬ánewborn son. Congratulations on the latest #BlogBumpClub baby Chelle!

Link Up!

How’s your week been? Anyone else have the urge to get naked and go and find a nudist beach somewhere? Just me?!

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