Boost your digital confidence with Post Office Broadband and Google Digital Garage

Digital Confidence with Google Garage

There’s no denying that if you feel more confident you’ll have greater life satisfaction (there’s been all sorts of research done on this – Google is your friend). I’ve talked a lot recently about body confidence, but confidence is a huge subject that can’t be confined to just one area. Digital Confidence is a whole other topic – and, amazingly, research commissioned by Post Office Broadband found that a whopping 20% of people in the UK (including young people) don’t feel digitally confident. When you think about how much we rely on technology now, that’s quite a scary number.

This is why the Post Office is partnering with Google Digital Garage, hosting events across the UK all summer to help support those wanting to build their digital confidence. It might be help using a new smartphone, or some tips on keeping your family safe online, or even a simple thing like learning how to send an email. Whatever your digital dilemma, the Digital Drop-ins will offer hands-on support to give you a real confidence boost when it comes to using technology.

Google Digital Garage

As a mum with a tablet-obsessed eight year old, I know I could use some extra help making sure she’s safe when she’s watching her favourite YouTubers or playing some of her favourite games, so I’m going along to the Plymouth event at Plymstock Library this coming Friday (20th July) to find out more. If you’re based in Devon I’d love to see you there!

There are also events in Cardiff, Norwich and Belfast throughout August, so if you’re further afield there’s still a chance to hone your digital skills. The pilot events are targeting the six cities that the Post Office Broadband survey found to be least digitally confident – there have already been events in Leeds and Southampton. Check out this post from Donna at What the Redhead Said to find out how the Southampton event went.

I’ve always felt pretty confident when it comes to technology – until it breaks! In my random career working in the media I’ve had to learn how to use countless pieces of software, how to edit, how to do basic coding, how to run websites and that’s before I’ve mentioned the various radio equipment I’ve had to grips with. But the thing is, I’ve never really considered myself a “natural” when it comes to computers. I’m fine if someone shows me how to do something, but trying to work it out on my own or fix a glitch? I’ll often threaten to throw my computer out of the window.

The Digital Drop-Ins are great if, like me, you work better with hands-on help and face-to-face explanations because, let’s face it, nothing is more soul destroying than watching a 15 minute YouTube tech tutorial and STILL not being able to work out the solution to a technical issue.

But that moment when you do work out the solution, and the technology works? It’s a buzz of confidence that feels as good as any other. If you’re in search of that buzz then find out more about the Digital Drop-In events and register your place here. You never know, it could be the most valuable lesson you have in confidence this summer.




Thanks to Post Office Broadband for commissioning this post. All opinions, copy and images are my own. For more information about how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page. 





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    What a great imitative I also work better with face to face support – so generous of The Post Office to put these on for everyone!

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    Such a great initiative, I spend my life online yet there are some areas I don’t feel that confident in-everything changes so quickly! X

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