Britax Versafix – an end to my car seat woes

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When my daughter was tiny – like, newborn tiny – car seats were easy. We’d put her in it, strap it into the car and within seconds she’d be asleep. No fuss. But at around the age of 18 months old she metamorphised into a car seat hating toddler. I think the Britax Versafix may have just changed her back again though.

You know that thing where you’re trying to strap your child into their car seat but they pull a number of different moves to make this completely impossible? My two and a half year old has that down to perfection. She can do the plank, the jellyfish and the rabid, scratching cat. Getting her into a car seat can be a real palava. 

But for some reason, she doesn’t hate the Britax Versafix. In fact, she actually rather likes it.

I suppose from her point of view, it’s comfortable, with big padded straps and a lovely soft padded cover. It’s got multi-recline positions too, so she can sit up and see the world or lounge right back and sleep if she wants to. And – to our huge relief – it has a three point seat belt that couldn’t be easier to do up. (We’ve not always got on with previous car seat belts in the past.)

Britax Versafix Car Seat Review

The other thing I love about this particular Britax model is its versatility. It’s really easy to move from one car to the other, without ten hours of faffing about beforehand. There are multiple options when it comes to securing it in place, too. From the ISOFIX system to the top tether point, as well as the regular seat belt attachment option, it’s a really simple seat to fit into a car. This is important when you’re time poor like me.

We’ve now tested the Britax Versafix on two five hour car journeys, plus numerous nursery and shopping runs. There haven’t *touch wood* been any car seat related tantrums so far and – unlike our former car seat – Frog often falls fast asleep in it within minutes.

Sleepy toddler(This photo was taken five minutes after we got home, as I attempted to rouse my exhausted tot. Proof the car seat is INCREDIBLY comfortable.)

If you’re looking for an easy, VERY safe, flexible car seat that you can use between various cars, this has to be your choice. I’ve never come across a more user friendly car to date. The Britax Versafix has our full stamp of approval.

Snuggles in the Britax Versafix**

Disclosure: We were sent the Britax Versafix car seat for the purpose of this review. I am on the Britax Mumbassador panel. All views expressed here are my own. And, you know, I’m always honest.

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