Brother Max Bunny Nightlight – keeping the goblins away


My toddler is a bit of a pain when it comes to bedtime. There is the odd occasion when she pops into bed without a peep, but battles at bedtime are also a regular occurence in this house. One of the main reasons she gives for “NOT sleeping now Mummy!” is a fear of the dark. So, step up the Brother Max Bunny Nightlight.

Frog already has a nightlight in her room. Plus, she sleeps with the door ajar so the light from the landing peeps in. But, on evenings when she really doesn’t fancy giving in to her tiredness, these sources of light are no help. Something changed last week though. And I’m putting it down to this little beauty:

Brother Max Bunny NightlightAlthough we’ve had a couple of long bedtime dramas over the last fortnight, the Carry and Hang Bunny Nightlight from Brother Max has definitely removed my two year old’s favourite bed-dodging excuse. It’s no longer, “I scared of the dark Mummy”. Instead it’s, “I want more milk / cuddles / sandwiches / books / kisses Mummy”.

The funky light comes with Brother Max’s typical attention to detail. It can be carried by a toddler seeking a parent in the middle of the night, as well as hung on a door handle. It glows various soft disco colours and charges from the mains at the wall, taking away the need for expensive batteries.

It’s my daughter’s new bed companion – she calls it her “Bunny” and “he” has to be tucked in beside her each night. I take him out of the bed once she’s fallen asleep and put him next to her bed, so he’s ready to be grabbed if a bad dream wakes her in the night.

Brother Max Bunny Night Light

The different colours have also come in handy when asking Frog to identify “green” and all the other shades she’s currently learning. There’s been a marked improvement in her recognition of all colours recently and I’m sure it’s partially down to us talking about the colour of “Bunny’s” belly.

It’s a great little nightlight with a difference, if you’re looking for something funky, easy to use and transportable. And if it helps with even one bedtime battle, then I reckon it’s money well spent.


Please see the for more details and to find your nearest stockist. The product featured in this post was provided for the purpose of this review.

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