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Cosatto car seat

As baby products go, I’ve always had a thing for Cosatto. Baby Girl’s cot (now transformed into a toddler bed) is by Cosatto, and I’ve long since admired the brightly coloured buggies and prams in the Cosatto range. So when we were asked if we’d be interested in reviewing a couple of car seats by Cosatto, it was an easy decision.

Luckily, the girls are as pleased with their new car seats as I am…

OK, so let’s be honest. When you’re a parent your priorities for a car seat probably aren’t that it looks so flipping pretty (although that helps). If you’re a proper grown-up and not a frivolous, easily-swayed colour magpie like me, you’re probably going to be looking at the safety features of said car seat. Well, even here Cosatto doesn’t disappoint. 

We tried out the Skippa Fix for Frog and the Hug Isofix for Baby Girl. Both car seats clip in using sturdy Isofix technology, meaning they’re both REALLY easy to install AND very safe. Both seats also feature plenty of cushioned support offering deep side impact protection, while the Hug has a handy five point safety harness making it both comfortable and impossible to escape out of for my occasional Houdini-impersonating toddler.

This summer we’re off to France for three weeks, a holiday which is going to involve a fair bit of driving. We wanted to get new seats for the girls which will be really comfortable, so they can sleep on the journeys. Both these seats tick the comfort box, with the Hug offering five different recline positions and the Skippa Fix boasting adjustable back support.

Plus, did I mention how pretty they are?! (We chose the Spectroluxe print for ours – but there are plenty of other bold designs to choose from).

The other thing I really love about the Cosatto car seats is their longevity. The Hug is suitable from around 9 months (9kg) to 12 years, meaning you get BRILLIANT value for money. The Skippa Fix is for the next stage after Group 1 and goes from around 4 years to 12 years (15kg – 36kg). This is something worth thinking about if you’re looking at cheaper car seats – do they last as long? Will they give you as good value for money? Possibly not.

Usually there are multiple dramas when we’re trying to get the girls in the car. Now? Not so much. Perhaps the car seat novelty hasn’t worn off, but for now both kids are incredibly eager to get into their seats and recline there like royalty throughout the journey. In fact, the issue now is getting them out of them…

I’m really impressed with the seats so far and now not dreading those longer car journeys this summer as much. All I need now is to get a grown-ups version and then I’ll be laughing…



Thanks to Cosatto for working with us on this post. All opinions, copy and photography remain my own. For more details of how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page. 




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    I adore those car seats – great colours and great to know that the kids are safe too. We only just got rid of our high backed boosters last year when the boys were 11 and 10. My boys were my most precious cargo!

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    Love these! Our two are just coming to the point where we need to move them up to the next Group so I’ve been eyeing up Cosatto’s range – they’re so colourful.

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