Grab a granny

Frog has a new granny. Her name is Josie, she lives in Stoke-on-Trent and she’s not an actual relative. In fact, Frog has never met Granny Josie.

Let me explain.

We like handmade things in our house. Frog has a granny who sews and a granny who knits. At this time of year Granny from the North (otherwise known as Knitting Granny) comes in to her own. She knits cardigans and waistcoats, hats and jumpers. She is very good at knitting.

But not everyone’s lucky enough to have a Knitting Granny. Step in Grannies Inc. If you don’t have your own Knitting Granny, these are the guys for you. A dedicated army of grannies on hand to knit a personalised, handmade item for you or your child. I love them.

I’ve never laughed out loud while ordering an item online before – that is, until I ordered a stripy knitted hat for Frog from Grannies Inc. Once you’ve picked the item of clothing you want (a hat, scarf, snood – the possibilities are endless) you just pick the design, colour and extras. And then you pick your granny. Complete with a photo and bio of each granny, you get to choose which lovely gran will knit your personalised item.

The personalised touches don’t end there.

When the item arrived, it was all wrapped up, just like a present:

And the excitment continued. Opening the present made me sure I’d chosen the right colours and design. I love the attention to detail with the little button:

Not to mention the name tag:

The hat is made from 100 percent Merino wool yarn (all the design-your-own products on the website are), so it’s luxuriously soft. Everything about the hat was chosen by me when I ordered it – from the colours, pattern and style right down to the type of stitch and the pom pom on top.

Frog was rather pleased with the new addition to her winter wardrobe. I think she particularly likes the fact it matches her favourite top:

Fashionista that she is, the hat even matches Frog’s new shoes:

But don’t worry Granny from the North, you haven’t been replaced. Although I must say – you are facing some tough competition.


Grannies Inc products can be purchased from the website, Grannies Inc. Prices start from £22 for hats.

Disclaimer: I didn’t receive any payment for this review, but I did receive a free hat. And I think you’ll have guessed by now that it’s really rather lovely.


  1. says

    It’s genius that you get to pick a granny! Neither of Talitha’s grandmothers knit and they both rejected the title “Granny”. I feel duty-bound to fix this by placing an order. Also, Frog looks so cute in her hat that I’m already imagining a tiny merino hat on T’s head.

    • says

      You should definitely get in touch with them – this is the first hat F has had that she hasn’t instantly pulled off her head! T would look gorgeous in one – although you may be jealous it isn’t slightly bigger. Not that I tried to squeeze F’s hat on to my own head *ahem*.

  2. says

    Cool hat, I have a picture in mind from the the shreddies advert, with all the grannies sat around knitting shreddies!!! I might try this website as we are hopefully moving to pastures new but pastures very cold!!

  3. granny from the north says

    What a good idea! I may even join Grannies Inc myself, if only I could actually finish the severall garments already started! and yes I have one on the go for Frog at the moment – just make sure that darling Frog does not grow too fast, I’m making size 12-18 months!!

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