When we first looked around the house we live in now, we were so excited by the fact it had a dishwasher, we didn’t realise there was no fridge.

On the day we moved in to our home, three weeks late because of heavy snow, we ended up having to keep the milk outside in the back garden while we waited for a fridge to be delivered.

But it didn’t matter, because we had a shed:

And a beautiful log-burning stove:

The low ceilings in our 16th Century cottage constantly catch out the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine, so that he inevitably bangs his 6 foot 5 inch high head every single day.

But we still love this house.

It’s the place where I put on my wedding dress, ready to meet the NLM at the end of the aisle. It’s the place where I brought my newborn baby back home, cocooned in a nest of baby-bubbled tranquility. It’s the place where I met our future friends and next-door neighbours.

As a former city dweller, I was unsure how I’d adapt to village life. But I soon settled in after finding the local walking spot and the village drinking hole:

We rent our home, as we save for the huge deposit currently needed to secure a mortgage, so we don’t know how long we will live in this house.

This makes me sad, as I love the fact I live in an enclosed spot where the children are constantly in and out of each other’s houses and there’s always a willing friend with a cup of tea next door. I love the fact there’s open countryside only yards away, perfect for adventures once Frog eventually gets off her backside and starts walking. And I love the fact there’s a sleepy train station one minute’s walk from my back door so if I fancy something a bit more lively than the village pub it’s not too far away.

Although we won’t live here forever, this place will always feel like home.


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  1. says

    I want your house! We so badly want to live in a village and Dad2babyinsomniacs only two requirements are that it has a shed and a logburner! Plus he’s not very tall so the ceilings wouldn’t be a problem! Want to swap?! x

  2. says

    Sounds like the location is perfect, you just need the bricks and mortar but then that home you are living in already had so many memories attached to it. They won’t let you buy it? x

    • says

      We’re not in a position to get a mortgage at the moment unfortunately. We don’t yet have the 25% deposit that most banks are now demanding. Plus it only has 2 bedrooms. Perfect for now but we’ll outgrow it if Frog has any brothers or sisters! x

  3. says

    Your village looks idyllic, we live in a village but it’s not a very pretty one, I hope you get to stay there for a very long time….or move to somewhere equally as nice!

    • says

      It is gorgeous – sadly we’re in the same position as thousands of wannabe first time buyers across the country. We don’t have a spare 50k lying around to secure the 25% deposit needed for most mortgages at the moment!

  4. says

    Oh for a log-burning stove! As a fellow renter I know how you feel. There is something about permanence. But then it sounds like you’re really drinking in the here and now.

    • says

      I think you have to really, or I’d be constantly worried about what was around the corner. Actually, that is exactly what I’m like! You’re right about the sense of permanence thing. There’s something about renting that doesn’t feel completely stable – probably because it’s not entirely up to you if you have to move. If the landlords decide to sell up in the near future we’d be stuffed!

  5. says

    I love living in Los Angeles, but part of me will always regret Li’l D’s distance from the mountains, rivers and general quietude of my childhood home. I’m comforted by the fact we’ll return once or twice a year as long as any of my siblings remains there.

    (The next time we visit, I’ll be an auntie!)

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