House hunting with kids

It goes without saying, house hunting with a grumpy toddler in tow should be avoided at all costs. Obviously.

Which is why we left our two year old (one more week of calling her that *gulp*) with her grandparents on Saturday and went off in search of our ideal temporary Devon home. We found it. Tucked along a windy country path, nestled into a valley overlooking fields and a lake, with a pub within walking distance and a pretty market town less than 2 miles away.

Then we lost it. Bugger.

Apparently a couple without kids were a more attractive option to the landlord, so yesterday saw me driving across Devon with my parents and toddler, minus the husband.

A last minute viewing on a previously disregarded property turned out to be OK. With a bit of a clean and all our own stuff inside, this could be the perfect house to tide us over until we find that long-awaited home that we will call our own later this year (hopefully).

Sitting at the top of a beautiful little Devon town, nestled into the edge of Dartmoor, the house has views across fields and is just a short stroll to a deli, pub and pre-school. I hope we don’t lose this one too, or we’ll be living in a tent within the month.

It turns out house hunting with a grumpy toddler isn’t such a bad activity after all. Especially when there’s cake and a short stop to see some miniature ponies involved.

TeashopDartmoor ponies




  1. Kate says

    I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason……losing out on the other house happened for a reason and you’ll probably end up in your OWN house sooner than you thought because of it!!
    A House becomes a home when it has the things but mostly the People you love in it, so I think you’ll be Happy……even if it is in a Tent…….

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