How to get out of doing the washing up for eternity


I’ve won major points this month. The husband owes me BIG TIME.

These are some very posh cars. No, I didn’t buy them for him. But he did get to drive them, due to an incredible offer from Activity Superstore. The Triple Supercar Drive saw the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine get behind the wheel of three cars he regularly fantasises about.

As someone who knows next to nothing about cars (seriously, I don’t even know what car I drive, let alone anyone else) I didn’t realise what a big deal this was. To me, a car is for getting from A to B. And if it doesn’t have a boot big enough to fit a buggy and a week’s worth of grocery shopping then I’m not interested. My husband, however, takes an entirely different perspective. 

He drove a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 360 and Aston Martin DB9 and had a hot lap in a Porsche GT3. Apparently these are all very fast, very snazzy, very expensive cars.

I am now going to show you some pictures of cars. Some of you will be excited by this. Some of you will not. Again, my husband assures me these are thrilling photographs.

I’ve never seen my husband go weak at the knees – not even on our wedding day. Not until the day he got in a Ferrari.

My 6ft 5″ man was an excited, quibbling wreck. The driving experience day left him with a spring in his step and a new-found love of domestic drudgery that he knows I loathe. In short, he has done the washing up every day for the last two weeks, in homage to the amazing day he had at the airfield in Oxfordshire where he realised his childhood dream.

Driving speeds that make my eyes water, the NLM was with a fully qualified instructor at all times and – I’m assured – in very safe hands. I was a bag of nerves when he first got behind the wheel, despite the fact he’d been in a half hour safety briefing. That said, once he’d done one lap and didn’t seem to be careering all over the place I started to relax. I could sense he was enjoying it. And when he pulled up and literally ran over to me to tell me all about it, I knew he’d had fun.

If you know someone who loves cars and hankers after the type that aren’t grocery / buggy / child friendly, then this is the gift for them this Christmas. They’ll get to drive cars you normally only see in films. They’ll get to imagine for a few minutes that they’re James Bond and not Mum or Dad. They’ll get to escape real life for a bit and experience a rush of adrenaline.

I loved seeing the NLM so excited. We both work bloody hard and, at the moment, thrills come with a bag of Kettle Chips and a glass of wine on a Friday night. So it was nice to see him really having fun – even if it was the type of fun I don’t understand at all.


Disclosure: We were given the Triple Car Driving Experience from Activity Superstore for the purpose of this review. The experience is currently available to buy for £99.




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