Life lately – Easter in pictures

We’re not a religious family but I do embrace the seasons and have always loved Easter. The kids love it for obvious reasons and I love it for the forced slow-pace. Christmas is great, but it can often get a bit frantic (especially if, like me, you’re a PTA Mum and have a school fair to contend with). There’s no pressure at Easter, just good food, time off and no excuse needed to sit around in your pyjamas.

This year Easter was busier than usual, which is why this post is a week late. We went to my parents’ for Good Friday until Easter Sunday, then came home to host my in-laws at our house for a couple of days. It was brilliant.

It was the first time we’ve all been together as a family since my sister and her boyfriend returned from Australia, so it felt like a special couple of days at my parents. My mum went all out, baking enough to feed an army and organising lots of games – including Badminton and Bingo. It sounds cheesy, but it’s one of those weekends I know the girls will remember when they’re bigger, especially as they got to try on some of their auntie’s fancy dress outfits from her days going on themed nights out at university!

We had a trip swimming, we went to a nearby beach (Sandymouth near Bude), we ate (and ate, and ate). I spent a large portion of the time at my Mum and Dad’s in my pyjamas, as it should be on a bank holiday weekend.

On Easter Sunday the girls woke up excited to get cracking (HA HA HA) with the Easter egg hunt. My parents’ place has a garden at the back and a paddock at the front that they’ve turned into a veggie garden and play area. It’s kid heaven and the ideal place to hide far too much chocolate, if it’s not raining.

Watch the first part of our Easter weekend here:

The second part of our weekend also involved lots of food, but this time with Simon’s parents. They live 250 miles away up north so we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like, but we always make the most of the time together when we do see them. This visit proved no different.

The weather was predictably unpredictable, so on our first day we had a trip to the cinema (The Greatest Showman though, OMG), lunch out and then bowling, followed by a National Trust property the next day. The girls ran around, bossed both grandparents and then flaked out asleep at the end of it all. Standard.

Watch the second part of our Easter weekend here:

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