Life lately – the one about Easter


You know how, as a parent, you occasionally get those moments when the moon and the stars align and everything falls into place to create perfection? Yeah, it doesn’t happen often. But when it does you grab it with both hands and savour every second because you just don’t know how long it will last. This is a large part of the reason I tend to embrace the imperfections of life, because if happiness was based around the fleeting perfect moments then I wouldn’t get much time to be happy! Anyway, our Easter weekend was one such example of the universe coming together to give us a great time – and that’s with potty training, an out of date turkey and bedtime dramas thrown in the mix.

We went to my parents’ house over in North Devon, which is a few miles from Bude on the edge of Cornwall. The weekend involved a trip to the beach and swim in the sea pool there (wet suit mandatory), way too much food and an Easter egg hunt of epic proportions. I didn’t want to come home – none of us did.

We had a barbecue on the Saturday evening, then a roast on the Sunday (the out of date turkey got binned in favour of some emergency chicken breasts). I ate way too much cheese and drank a fair amount of wine, and the girls gorged on chocolate because, quite frankly, if you can’t eat chocolate without guilt at Easter then when can you?

I vlogged the weekend if you fancy watching. I’m pretty sure my mum is the star of this one…

We’re currently in the throes of potty training, plus Baby Girl climbed out of her cot four days ago so we’ve had an enforced move to a “big girls’ bed” which has basically meant naps and normal bedtimes have gone out of the window. There’ll be a blog post on this coming soon, suffice to say I’m glad the NLM’s been at home to help share the pain.

Hope you’ve had a great Easter, whatever you’ve been up to. Are you pleased to be back to normality or missing the holidays already?


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    I love it when the stars align and things actually go right although like you said that doesn’t happen every often. Hope the potty training has been going fairly smoothly and your parents have the nicest garden ever!! Also loved watching the vlog and your dad is awesome playing the guitar

    Laura x

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