Life update: Leaving the country!

Tomorrow I’m saying goodbye to my family for a few weeks to go abroad on an exciting work project. I’ve made a video but, essentially, I wanted to say that if things quieten down here, on YouTube and all the rest of my social feeds over the next four weeks or so, it’s not that I’m dead! Neither am I going through a marriage crisis or anything else like that.

I’ve never been away from Si or the girls for this long before, but the decision for me to go has been a family one and they all support me 100%. While I’m away the girls will be looked after by a lovely nanny who we’ve hired on a temporary basis, plus their grandparents and, of course, their father who is more than capable.

It’s a big thing. I’m excited. And nervous. In fact, I’m currently simultaneously feeling about a million different emotions at once. But the overriding one is that this is a brilliant thing and if I had walked away from it I’d forever be wondering “What if?”

Wish me luck!



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