Our first family holiday to France, part 1: getting there

Brittany Ferries

There are some things that as a parent, I want to be able to give my children. Things that I experienced myself as a child, things that I want to emulate from my own parents. Holidays are one of those things.

When I was six years old we went on our first family holiday to France. That holiday was special in many ways and became the start of a long love affair with France. Over the years we went to France many times, spending up to five weeks there every summer. Our summer holidays form a huge part of my childhood and teenage memories. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the experiences I had on those holidays and the people I met made a huge impact on the type of adult I was to become.

Fast-forward fifteen years and I’ve just seen a family holiday to France from new eyes: the eyes of a parent. This holiday was something extra special. Not only was it the first trip we’ve made abroad as a family of four, but it was the first time we’ve all been to France together. Right from the start – when we carried the girls downstairs and bundled them in the car in their pyjamas in the dead of night – I was assaulted by nostalgia. I thought many times of my own parents and our family holidays of the past. It gave me a warm thrill to think of their excitement, mixed up with my own.  [Read More…]


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