18 hours in Nantes and Les Machines de I’ile

18 hours in Nantes

When we planned our trip to France this summer we knew we wanted to make it a holiday of two halves. The first part (where we are now) would be a relaxing week in a gites in the Dordogne region. Time to reconnect as a family after a hectic few months, swim in the lakes and rivers, wander around French markets. The second part (where we’re heading next) would be a bit more lively, in a chalet on a  Yelloh! holiday park with multiple water slides, kids’ clubs and a bar. The problem was, though, that we needed a stopover point to glue the holiday together. This is why we ended up spending 18 hours in Nantes and visiting Les Machines de I’ile.

Nantes is about a three to four hour drive from the port of Roscoff, where we got the ferry from Plymouth. It’s pretty much halfway to where we are now in the Dordogne and seemed like an obvious place to stay the night. We stayed in a self-catering apartment in a little complex of apartments on the outskirts of the city. Not great if you want to be able to walk to restaurants, but perfect for us as we wanted to be able to sort out our own breakfast and cater for ourselves plus, by the time we’d arrived, it was too late to take the kids’ out to eat anyway. [Read More…]

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