Netflix and the first trimester endurance test


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Netflix and the first trimester

So far this pregnancy has seen me give up wine (sob), bread (double sob) and milk. But that’s not all. I’ve also given up late nights and adjusted the hours I spend sitting in front of my computer working. Gone are the 11pm marathon I’ve-Got-To-Meet-This-Deadline evenings and in are early nights and evenings wallowing in the bath.

The first trimester hasn’t been a particularly easy one. I’ve had horrible sickness, extreme exhaustion and felt generally crap. I wrote in my last post about some of the things that have helped, but I want to dedicate a special place in my heart and on my blog to one particular first trimester saviour: NetflixContinue reading »

My first trimester saviours



first trimester saviours

They say no two pregnancies are the same and, so far, this is proving very true in my case.

With Frog, I spent the first trimester utterly exhausted. That kind of tiredness that just seeps right into your bones and leaves you able to do nothing but sleep. Although I spent many evenings feeling nauseous, there wasn’t actually too much sickness. I just felt bloated, tired and generally crap.

With this pregnancy I’ve felt all that and more. The biggest difference is the sickness. I’ve never experienced anything like it. From the moment I opened my eyes in the morning until the moment I closed them at night I battled against extreme waves of nausea. It meant there’ve been many afternoons when I’ve had to cancel plans to take Frog out because I physically can’t be more than two metres from the toilet.  Continue reading »

Three years blogging


Last month marked three years since I started this blog. Three whole years. It doesn’t seem like very long really, but when I sit and think about it I realise how much has happened in those three years.

What has happened in your life since you started blogging?

Here’s what has happened in mine:  Continue reading »

Her finest glad rags – introducing Their Nibs London


Their Nibs London

A couple of weeks ago a beautiful parcel arrived through our door. It’s the kind of PR sample I love, all wrapped up in soft tissue paper and presented in a swish fabric tote. This was my first experience of Their Nibs, a brand specialising in vintage style children’s clothing.

To be honest, it’s the kind of brand that I regularly drool over on other blogs and in swanky magazines, but only actually buy from for special events. Having had no special events to prepare for until recently, Their Nibs had completely passed me by.  Continue reading »

“Is it a pet Mummy?”


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So it looks like Frog has fully embraced the notion that, around the end of September, she is going to be a big sister.

She has the “big sister” part nailed. She also seems to understand the fact the baby is in my tummy, although her constant, “Your tummy is a bit fat now Mummy” this morning hasn’t done anything to assuage my insecurities over the alarming rate my waist is expanding.

Judging by a couple of her questions before heading off to pre-school though, there are still a few issues we need to iron out.  Continue reading »

Keeping in touch with old friends


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When we first moved to Devon last summer, I remember being worried about losing touch with all the friends we’d made in Berkshire. Frog had plenty of little friends she’d regularly go on play dates with and I’d made new friends in our village too. The (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine had his own mates from teacher training days, work and the pub, so we were leaving quite a few people behind.

The truth is though, that since the age of eighteen, I’ve never lived in one place for very long. I went to university in Cardiff, then spent a year working and travelling, before doing my journalism training for a year in Falmouth in Cornwall and then heading over to Brighton and then up to Hull for respective jobs. I arrived in Reading a year later, before moving to the countryside a couple of years after that. Continue reading »

What type of Bingo player are you?

Are you a bingo player? I’ve never experienced the thrill of bingo (apart from family competitions in a rainy caravan where the only prize was sweets) so I had no idea there were different types of bingo player. I consider myself educated.

Costa Bingo has brought out a new interactive quiz to help bingo fans discover what type of player they are. If you’re in the bingo club, you can see the quiz below.

How did you do?! Continue reading »

Lunch date


Cafe in Ashburton

On the spur of the moment, I decided to take Frog to our favourite cafe for lunch yesterday. One of the things I love about working from home is that I get afternoons off and I can be (mostly) flexible about when I work. On a whim I made my mind up to treat us both to a slap up meal, making the most of those flexible hours.

Despite moving to a village just before December, Frog still goes to pre-school in the town we lived in for a few months when we first moved to Devon. The town – Ashburton – is only a few miles away and the pre-school there is really lovely. It’s a cute town, with a plethora of vintage, antique and second hand shops, along with a posh bakery (“artisan” don’t you know) and a couple of tasty delhi’s.  Continue reading »

The intelligent way to heat your home


OK, I’m going to be honest. Central heating isn’t top of my list of fun house things to talk about. I’d much rather get stuck into a new upcycle project or plan what colour of paint is going to go in my hallway. But, aside from running water and my kettle, central heating is probably the biggest thing I’d miss if we didn’t have it in our home.

We live in a Victorian terraced cottage. It has high ceilings and the windows at the back of our house are the originals, without double-glazing. It means the house can get drafty. Lighting the log-burner downstairs helps, but it can take a while for the place to heat up on a really cold day. Which is where the Hive from British Gas comes in.

Victorian windows

Continue reading »