One year of baby

first birthday

And so she is one. There have been parts of the last year which have trudged ever so slowly – the nights, mainly. But in many other ways it’s flown by in a blur. That moment when I first laid eyes on my brand new baby girl, soaking wet as I lifted her out of the birthing pool she’d just been born into. That moment feels like it happened this morning.

It’s been an intense, joyful, emotional, gruelling, surreal year.

Baby Girl has slotted into our lives like she’s always been here. Those early baby cuddles on the sofa watching Netflix, how I miss those days. There’s something about those first couple of weeks that feels almost like a dream. We existed in a cotton wool haze, our new family of four all bundled up against the outside world in a cocoon of new baby. [Read More…]


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