Silence the mothers


I first became aware of The Motherhood Challenge a week ago, when a friend tagged me in the viral meme. I didn’t take part because memes aren’t my thing, but I smiled at the cute photos my friend had shared of her daughter. I know she’s had a pretty difficult time of it these past few months, so it was lovely to see such a positive post and to smile over the sweet photos. After that, I didn’t think much of it.

Until I read this brilliantly written article by Flic Everett for The Guardian. It made me think a bit harder about the meme and question some of the bigger ideas behind it. And, over the next couple of days I read more articles slating The Motherhood Challenge, heard people debating it on the radio and watched arguments unfold on Twitter. Things were getting quite heated over what I had first thought was, essentially, just an opportunity to share some cute photos online.

The main thrust of the argument against The Motherhood Challenge seems to be that it glorifies motherhood, contributing yet again to this idea that women who have babies are virtuous, angelic figures, fulfilling their duty as women. [Read More…]


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