Girls only! A weekend in Bristol

weekend in Bristol Las IguanasWhen my mum suggested, just before Christmas, a girls’ only weekend in Bristol I jumped at the chance. A whole weekend showing my biggest child the city her mum grew up in? A night in a hotel, with an evening meal not scuppered by an over-tired toddler? A trip to the theatre and the science museum? YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

My mum organised the whole thing and even provided a full taxi service from the door of our house to the door of the hotel. It was a really special weekend and one that I know Frog will remember as she grows up.

Weekends are funny old things. If your family’s anything like mine then your weekend will begin on Friday night, washing the week away with wine before ending up snoring on the sofa. Saturday will be spent doing chores and endless DIY jobs, while trying to squeeze in fun family time and a trip to the supermarket. By the time Sunday rolls around it feels like you blinked and it was Friday two seconds ago. And then it’s Monday, and the weekend’s gone. [Read More…]


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