Healthy snacks for older kids – the new range from Organix

Punk'd oaty bars by Organix

Having two kids four years apart can sometimes be tricky when it comes to food. Baby Girl wants everything her big sister has, and vice versa. Usually this is a good thing – Frog is pretty adventurous when it comes to food and I think her enthusiasm rubs off on her baby sister. Sometimes, though, I feel like we fall down in the snack department. This is why the new range of healthy snacks for older kids – called Punk’d by Organix – is right up our street.

Baby Girl loves the range of baby and toddler snacks from Organix. Her current favourites are the new banana puffcorn snacks released just last month. I often find it so much easier to source healthy snacks for toddlers than I do for Frog, so my biggest girl will regularly end up eating the same as my littlest. But, as Frog told me the other day, “I’m six years old now Mum. I’m not a baby!”

No matter how much fresh fruit or packets of raisins I have in the house, Frog will always ask for “treat food” when she gets home from school, or if she’s having a “movie afternoon” at home at the weekend. She seems to be drawn to the packaging just as much as the taste – unwrapping the food is just as much part of the excitement as actually eating it. [Read More…]


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