Summer so far

Beach fun

This time two years ago we had just spent our first week as residents of Devon. It’s kind of weird to think we’ve lived down here in the South West for two whole years now, because that time has passed so quickly. There are still so many places right on our doorstep that we’ve yet to discover and it’s fair to say the novelty of living here has yet to wear off.

We don’t have a huge amount of time at home planned over the summer holidays this year, so we’ve been desperately cramming chores, long-awaited house projects and fun trips out into the days we do have here. Although the rest of the family are off, I’m still working from home, so it’s been a case of trying to find the balance between getting work done and spending time with my family. [Read More…]

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When we moved to Devon two years ago we vowed to get organised. We were the type of people who put important documents in a “safe place” only to forget exactly where this was. Over the years we’ve lost car MOT documents, mislaid passports, forgotten where we’ve stored Frog’s birth certificate and, ... read more