My daughter has always had attitude. At seven hours old, she let the world know she’d arrived by waking all the other sleeping babies on the hospital ward with loud shouts. The nurses joked she’d be an opera singer. I winced.

Her spirit was apparant when she refused to take a bottle of expressed milk. Ever. Medicine on a spoon? No way. In fact, if she didn’t want to do it or she wasn’t 100% in control of it, she was not a fan. Not a fan at all.

I’ve since learned that the best way to persuade my two and a half year old to do something not involving chocolate or paint is to make her think it was her idea. This helps in certain situations, but not in ones involving a new personality trait she’s been displaying recently.


It came from nowhere, much like Gangnam Style, and then firmly refused to budge. In fact, the first hint of sass was centred around said Korean pop tune. “I WANT DANDELION STYLE MUMMY!” wailed my toddler, as I refused to play it for the millionth time in a row.

When asked to get in the bath: “I NOT get in bath Mummy!”

When told it’s bed time: “It NOT bedtime Mummy!”

When scolded by her father for her “sass”: “I sassy and I know it! I DRAMA queen!”

There is no hope.

Dad and daughter watching football

Watching football, counting money, with sassitude




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    I love this and wish I could meet her – I’m sure Erin and F would be great buddies! Erin is in a big mummy faze atm. Daddy is not allowed to speak to her and she has mastered foot stamping!

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      She already calls Jane “Mummy Jane”. It’ll be even worse when she meets you – it’ll be Mummy Emma, Mummy Jane and “MOLLY” (what she calls me!).

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    I empathise greatly. We have one of those too. It gets much worse when he’s tired – there is just no reasoning to be done at all.

    Does she do foot-stamping yet? It is hard not to laugh, but oh my word, such stubbornness. Sadly I have to admit that T gets it from me, so I’m not in a position to criticise too much.

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    Oh we have that all the time! I just say to H “I don’t want a cuddle from you or for you to sit on my knee and sing songs with me” and she’ll do it.

    or “I don’t want you to go in the bath as I’m going to have it instead” – I’ve never seen her move so fast…

    Probably cruel, but it seems to work, and we’re limited on time too!

    Yesterday before swimming she refused to wash her hands after going to the toilet, so I told her she’d miss ‘Wheels on the Bus’ at swimming on her last ever lesson, which sprung her into action, amazingly….

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      This is true. Her spirit wouldn’t be there without the sass. I repeat this over and over again to myself as I sigh in frustration when she is at her most sassy!

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