Scenes from home

I’m a bit addicted to interiors at the moment. I’m enjoying perusing various blogs and magazines for inspiration as we make some plans about a new home which may be on the horizon.

I like nothing more than a pretty cushion and cosy throw, much to the dismay of my textiles-hating husband. The (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine is excited by technology and…. yeah, mainly technology.

If he could invest all our cash on a funky home entertainment system he would. In fact, if it was up to him, we’d probably sleep on the bare floor in an empty room, cuddled up to a pair of massive speakers.

Because he has absolutely zero interest in a toothbrush holder made from an empty jamjar and a funky retro-inspired orange phone, I thought I’d share them with you lot. If you are a cushion hater, move along now. There’s nothing to see here…

Scenes from home


  1. Kate W says

    I think it’s a man thing – Mr W is a cushion hating technology lover too……I simply attempt to add a new cushion/shiny thing at every eventuality and wait for him to have Heart failure (not literally, obviously. …) when he eventually notices it – this is usually so much later that it gets permission to stay put thanks to “squatters rights”!!!

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