When your sister lives in Australia

when your sister lives in Australia

My little sister moved to Australia in April 2016. I’ve missed her like crazy. It’s a funny thing when someone you’re so close to moves far, far away. Like, so far that you can’t simply pick up the phone and ring them to hear their voice. It’s been amazing to see her adventures and so lovely to know she’s happy and healthy and grabbing every moment out of life. But on the other, selfishly, it’s hard. It’s hard mainly because I miss her so much.

Anyway, last week she returned from the other side of the world for a visit back to the UK. It’s been wonderful.

Having not seen their aunt for such a long time, I wondered how the girls would react to her. Would they be shy? Would they remember her, even? We’ve talked about Lizzy lots since since she’s been away, and spoken on the phone and Skype as much as possible. But that’s not the same, is it? Within minutes of being reunited, though, it was like she’d never left.

They spread over her like a rash, drinking her in and clambering their little limbs all over her. It was “Aunty Lizzy” this and “Aunty Lizzy” that. I was a distant memory, discarded like an old sock in favour of their long-lost, fun and beautiful aunt. It was perfect.

When Frog first saw her aunt she was with her class, on her way back from a school sports activity on the field. We were in the park with Baby Girl and Frog spotted us from the back of the line of children, on the other side of the fence. She started to jump up and down waving, then couldn’t help herself, breaking free from the group and sprinting to give her aunt a huge cuddle through the fence. I’d have cried, if I hadn’t been busy trying to deal with a toddler tantrum over leaving the park.

My sister was there when Frog was born. She has been a huge part of Frog’s life all her life, and it was both a relief and a lovely thing to see that bond is no weaker after 15 months apart. At 4.30am on Friday morning Frog clambered into bed with my sister for a cuddle, before leaving her room and coming back into bed with me (she’d relegated her dad to the sofa, poor bloke). It’s these kind of sleepy cuddles and quiet moments that mesh together and burrow deep like the roots of a large tree, building a solid foundation for years to come.

My camera-shy sister indulged me and allowed me to make a little video of her first day with us. There’s also a weekend vlog to come over on my YouTube channel too, if you fancy watching.

Here’s our first day together, last Thursday. She’s with my parents’ now and having a well-earned rest after an intense few days of aunt-ing (which included taking the kids on a solo trip to soft-play – did I mention that I love her?!).


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    I can empathise a little bit as my sister moved to Ireland a couple of years ago. Not in the same league at all but it’s very different from just popping over for tea! It was lovely to read about your sister’s visit 🙂

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    Such a lovely post sweets, it made me sad and happy for you all at once! I honestly don’t know what I would do without my sister living so close, I’d be completely lost too. So lovely the girls are besotted with her, kids are amazing like that and it’s great that you can make so many lovely memories whilst she is here xx

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    Oh Molly this is so lovely. Super happy that you’ve had this special time with your sister, I can only imagine how tough it is for you both to be so far apart xx

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    Such a lovely weekend! My sisters have both lived overseas so I know how you feel. We always try and do something one weekend when we’re in the same place – one has spent several occasions living in Australia for a year, and might be moving back next year.

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    Oh Molly it must be so lovely to see your sister again and share news, make memories and spend time with each other face to face (although so grateful for Skype!). I left Cape Town when I was 17 to come and do sport in the UK, I didn’t see my parents for nearly a year – it was hard but the love is always the same if not stronger.

    Laura x

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    This is SO SO LOVELY Molly. I feel a bit teary at your description of F seeing her auntie and running towards her!! So pleased you had an ace time with her xx

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