Summer snack tips for kids – healthy snack ideas for days out

Organix snacks for kids

I’ll be straight with you – we eat our fair share of ice-cream in the summer. Living in Devon, near the beach, it’s a given that we’re going to eat ice-cream on a sunny day out. I’m all for balance when it comes to food – both for me and the kids – so I refuse to ban any food, opting instead to balance out the “bad” foods with plenty of good ones. This is where the Organix snack range comes in so handy, particularly at this time of year when we’re rarely home for long.

Our main places to visit when we’re Devon-bound on a sunny day are the beach, the moor, or a local farm or little theme park. All of these places can pose healthy snack dilemmas. The beach is obviously full of ice-cream temptation, while lots of local theme parks and farms tend to offer sugar-laden kids’ snacks which pose as healthy but often aren’t. 

This is why, whenever we go anywhere (I mean, even just the local village park), I have a little armoury of snacks in my handbag ready to ward off hangry tantrums. The new Organix cheesy pea snaps are a current favourite – these also make great dipping accompaniments with guacamole, just saying. Along with the cheese and onion lentil hoops (find out more about these new snacks and see our behind the scenes visit to the Organix HQ in Bournemouth here). Carrying the Organix no junk promise, I know these snacks will hit the spot for both girls without pumping them full of salt or sugar.

Other snack saviours include crackers, fruit, raisins and a little pot with cubes of cheese, ham and sliced up cucumber. Whenever we go on a family day out I’ll always make sure I’ve got at least a few of these to hand because my kids (please tell me I’m not alone in this) will complain about being “starving hungry” literally as soon as we’re out the front door.

Healthy summer kids' snacks by Organix

And to be honest, I kind of know the feeling. My kids definitely take after me on that front (as someone who usually hates cheese and onion crisps with a passion I can confirm the cheese and onion lentil hoops are very tasty)…

Healthy snacks for summer

The team at Organix is committed to arming parents with the nutrition information they need to make the best choices when it comes to food for their kids, including offering advice on snack swaps when we’re out and about. Swapping chocolate for raisins (or the new Organix Cocoa Fruit and Seed Bites or the Cocoa and Coconut Fruit and Seed Bites) is a current regular in our house as we try to curb the girls’ enthusiasm for all things chocolate at every opportunity!

The website is also packed with healthy recipes to try at home – I’ve got these no junk scotch eggs on my list to have a go at, along with the rainbow wraps.

The Organix team also found some of the worst places for unhealthy snacks for kids are family theme parks, soft play centres, Coffee shop chains, motorway services and leisure centres. This is definitely the case in my experience too, which is why it can be even more important to carry healthy snacks with you just in case your only option is a vending machine full of salt and sugar.

What are your healthy summer snack tips for kids? I’m all for finding some new (quick and easy!) alternatives to add to my snack repertoire!



Thanks to Organix for commissioning this content as part of the No Junk Journey campaign. To find out more about how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page. 


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    This range is just fab!! My son is has been having their snacks since he was being weaned and even now almost 4 years later we still buy their snacks!

  2. says

    We love Organix! My kids are total snack fiends and I like having them in so they think they are getting something fun but I know it’s healthy!

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    Organix are the best. I know that they contain no junk and my kids think they are tasty. Win win. They are perfect for taking on days out and for picnics (rather than crisps or cake). Hugs Lucy xxxx

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