The biggest pet hint yet – meet our new rabbit

When I was little we had two pet rabbits. They were called Sparkle and Patch and we bought them as babies. We thought we had two girls but my sister – ever the eager-eyed one – noticed that Patch was very much not a girl. Cue Patch being taken to the vet for an emergency procedure to stop us having millions more rabbit babies.

Now my girls are getting older they’re both in the market for a pet. We’ve never had a family pet before (not even a goldfish!) and the guilt they’re piling on in order to get a pet is strong.

Meet Effie’s pet of choice: the lesser known purple bunny….

His name is Rosie (Rosie is an acceptable name for a boy rabbit) and, predictably, he likes to eat carrots and hop around.

When Effie’s picture came to life she was beside herself with excitement. Finally! A pet!

Rosie rabbit hasn’t left Effie’s side since he arrived. She’s the model pet owner, checking he’s not hungry, bored or tired and tucking him into bed beside her every night. If Rosie was a real life rabbit there’s no doubt she’d have pet insurance for him too, courtesy of Petplan’s Pet Insurance (the lovely people who made Effie’s picture of Rosie come to life).

Pet insurance is a prerequisite for all responsible pet owners and while the Petplan cover doesn’t stretch to the likes of Rosie, it’s a good option if you’re looking for insurance for your own (living and breathing and non-stuffed toy) pets.

I’m pretty sure that, at some point, we won’t be able to get away with having just Rosie as our family rabbit. Both girls regularly ask when we can get a pet and while I’m not against having any pets at some point I’m quite happy to put off the extra responsibility for as long as I can.

In the meantime, Rosie is filling the void quite nicely…


Thanks to Petplan for making Effie’s rabbit dreams come true. For more information about how I work with brands please see my Work With Me page


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