The problem with autumn

The problem with autumn is that it isn’t summer. I know I’m probably in the minority section of the internet right now when I say I’m still not ready for summer to be over. Three weeks into school and Effie has hand, foot and mouth, Freya is an exhausted wreck and I’ve still not quite come to terms with packing away the flip-flops.

Usually I skip into this season without a second thought to the one left behind. As a sucker for atmosphere, traditions and hyped up, over-egged marketing I love nothing more than the idea of apple-bobbing and trick-or-treating, fireworks and crisp country walks. I soak up every autumnal opportunity like my kids’ soak up kinder egg videos on YouTube.

This year, however, things have got off to a bad start. The house is in chaos as the redecoration project from hell takes longer than first planned (although, we’ve finally ordered the wardrobe for the girls’ new bedroom so the end is at least in sight), Effie is really poorly with her third – and worst – case of hand, foot and mouth and I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed with, I dunno, everything

There are a few things that have helped though: spending a lovely day with my dad last week discovering a new walking spot less than two miles from our house (my mum’s currently in Australia visiting my sister), slow-cooked beef brisket and a new addiction to my favourite show on Netflix in ages – Suits.

I’ve also found a new appreciation for my dressing gown and quite enjoyed dusting off my old Chelsea boots (Superdry ones discovered on eBay a couple of years ago – win), along with the cosiest scarf known to man (or woman). Not all worn at once, obviously.

And while I moan about the current house chaos that we’re in I suppose – and I admit this reluctantly – I have very much enjoyed the process of planning the room makeovers and scouring my favourite shops for new furniture, prints, textiles and accessories. I know the finished result will be worth it and I’m already excited to share the transformation here. I also know it will be approximately two minutes before I want to start on the next home project. Does anyone else do this?!

Finally, and I guess most importantly, as much as I moan about the autumn bugs already picked up, the lack of work time, the rush from one after-school club to the other, the over-tired kids and the lack of down time that we had just a few weeks ago, I know how lucky I am. It sounds trite and twee and sentimental and really isn’t me, but I AM lucky. We have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, shoes that fit and clean water in the tap. If all I’ve got to whinge about is a bit of bad weather then I guess I don’t really have grounds to complain about anything at all.

Still, hit me up with your favourite autumn blues busters because I’m all ears. Favourite current TV series to binge on, autumn recipes, cosy clothes and anything else that is cheering you up on the grey days and dark nights. Go! 

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