A breastfeeding-friendly dress for autumn

Frugi Mother dressJust like last autumn, this one appears to involve a considerable narrowing of my clothing options. My usual beloved dresses are out and I’m mainly existing in jumpers and jeans or shirts and dungaree dresses. I’m not usually a huge fan of clothes designed specificially for nursing because they’re not really “me”. I don’t want to wear something just because it gives me easy boob access, I want to wear it because it’s comfortable, looks nice, makes me feel good and gives me easy boob access, you know?

Which is why I was very pleased to hear about the new Mother Collection from Frugi. I’ve long been a fan of the brand – they do the cutest baby clothes in beautiful bright colours made from organic cotton. I also love the work Frugi does with charities, donating to various wildlife charities as well as organising warehouse clearance sales to raise money for an orphanage in India.

Anway, the Frugi collection for mums is all about giving women long-lasting, well made, bright and colourful clothes which will last from bump to beyond. The dress I’m featuring in this post is a nursing dress, but it could also work as a maternity dress too.

Frugi Mother collection

Not only is it a pretty dress but it’s also incredibly practical for my busy mum life. It’s a great midi length, meaning I can bend down and pick up (and put down, and pick up, etc etc) Baby Girl without the fear of flashing my pants, plus it has a design which makes discreet nursing very easy (see top photo).

If you’re looking for clothes suitable for breastfeeding then it’s definitely worth checking out the collection. And if you want more inspiration for breastfeeding-friendly outfits then check out one of my recent posts for BabyCentre – 21 Breastfeeding Outfits for Autumn.

Have you found any great breastfeeding outfits recently? Do share!

NEED TO KNOW: The Frugi Mother collection includes dresses, tops and nightwear and non-sale pieces start from £30. The dress featured in this post is the Long Sleeve Tie Dress and is £65. I was sent this item for the purpose of this post. All clothing can be bought on the Frugi website – welovefrugi.com.


  1. says

    What a lovely dress -and you look bee-you-tiful in it! I have a wardrobe of dresses I can’t wear atm whilst I’m feeding Vega so maybe I need to treat myself to one that I can!

  2. says

    Your comment about bending over made me laugh, I don’t know what I was wearing the other day but it was completely impractical for mum life and I found myself constantly clutching at myself like a victorian housewife trying to keep covered up ;) The dress looks so lovely with the yellow and pink shoes!

  3. says

    ah Molly you look lovely! I recently tried out one of their maternity dresses and am in love with the cut and quality of it. I had a little mourn of all the clothes I’m not going to be able to wear for aaaages after the baby is born but then I decided I just need to get myself a whole new bf wardrobe right? x

  4. says

    Like it like it like it! I hated the feeling that my boobs might spring out at any moment, and this bad boy looks secure, and fashionable. Winner!

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