Bedroom update: a new story corner

Story corner 1

Over the summer we started work on a little room update for the five year old. The NLM made some fitted shelves for one of the alcoves in her room, we put up some hooks on her wall and moved the bed into the middle of the room. We also did some major decluttering.

But the room still lacked something. Although we have a reading nook on the landing at the top of the stairs, Frog has been keen ever since I can remember to have her very own “story corner”. Moving her bed away from the wall created the perfect space in the corner of the room to create Frog’s wish.

Story Corner 3If you’re looking to create your own story corner then one or two bean bags should be top of your list, along with some scatter cushions. Frog absolutely loves to snuggle into her bean bag, or lounge on her little wicker chair. It’s all well and good making the reading corner pretty, but if it’s not comfy then what’s the point?!

To break up all the white space and give this corner of the room its own identity I used these lovely alphabet decals from the Mamas and Papas Patternology range. I’ve had my eye on them for ages, because the retro colour palette really fits in with the rest of Frog’s vintage-inspired room.

Story Corner 4

We re-purposed trusty IKEA spice racks as book shelves. These were left over from our landing reading nook. I love them because they let you store kids’ books face out, making them easy to find. We painted these ones white to blend into the wall, but I love them in the untreated too, as we have on the landing.

Story corner 7

Story Corner 5

We also added a rug from John Lewis which used to be in our living room in our old house but no longer fits our current living room look. It’s been in the loft, waiting for a new home and works really well in this corner of the room. It helps ramp up the cosy as well as anchoring the space to make it feel like its own zone in the corner of the room.

Story Corner 6

This space also gives us somewhere cosy to read the bedtime story in, which is comfy for both mum and dad (it means her 6ft 5″ dad no longer has to squeeze into her bed or perch uncomfortably on the edge of it to read her bedtime story).

Story corner 2

It’s a resounding thumbs from Frog, who is pretty chuffed with her new story corner. Now we just need to make the rainbow headboard that she’s requested for her bed and her room is done (for now at least!).

NEED TO KNOW: Cushions: From Melin Tregwynt. Shelves: From IKEA. Decals: From Mamas & Papas. For a selection of bean bags check out Thanks to Bean Bag Bazaar for working with me on this post.


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