Introducing: My Baby’s Name Is

My Baby's Name Is
There’s something really cosy and comforting about wrapping your baby up in a sleeping bag at bedtime and laying them down to sleep. I remember when I first discovered that these were even a thing, back when Frog was tiny, I felt like I’d stumbled across some kind of brilliant mum secret. So I don’t need to bother with blankets that could make my baby too hot and get tangled up in the night? Win.We are firm baby sleeping bag fans in this house, which is why I wanted to introduce you to a new name on the market: My Baby’s Name Is.

Named after the clever personalised label on the sleeping bag (left blank so you can write your baby’s name), My Baby’s Name Is is about contemporary design, ethically sourced premium textiles and high quality manufacturing. In short, these are the Daddy (or Mummy) of the baby sleeping bag world.

Created by London-based luxury product designer Szymon Klos, the My Baby’s Name Is sleeping bags are just as much for the design conscious parent as the baby who loves to feel cosy at night.

“As soon as we found out we were having a baby, my wife and I started researching baby products and having conversations about what kinds of things we were going to buy,” Szymon tells me. “We both love simple, well designed products for the home and we’re always inspired by colourful, Scandinavian design. When we discovered baby sleeping bags we loved the functionality of the product but couldn’t find any we would actually buy. I was looking for simple, plain, high quality sleeping bags in bright, contemporary colours. I felt there was an opportunity to design a more contemporary range of sleeping bags and My Baby’s Name Is was born.”

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Some things you should know about My Baby’s Name Is sleeping bags:

  • You can choose from two weights of wadding; a thinner, lightweight 1 tog option, and a thicker 2 tog option for chilly nights.
  • The design is simple and contemporary, with a subtle nod to traditional quilting techniques.
  • Each bag features a unique customisable collar detail.
  • The bags come in three sizes: 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months.
  • Each bag costs £39.95 – very reasonable when you consider the quality and design.
  • They’re produced in Europe, in an area of Poland famous for its 200 year old textile history.

If you have a friend who’s just had a baby and you’re looking for a unique, fun, stylish and useful gift, then a My Baby’s Name Is sleeping bag gets my vote. Or perhaps you’re looking for a new sleeping bag for your own little one. Either way, now you know about My Baby’s Name is you know where to go.

You can find out more about My Baby’s Name Is by checking out the website, or following the company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

NEED TO KNOW: A sleeping bag from My Baby’s Name Is costs £39.95 and is available to buy via Thanks to My Baby’s Name Is for working with me on this post.
For more information about how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page.


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    I am a huge fan of sleeping bags. I thought my twins grew out of this stage at 18 months, but I was wrong. They need it so much: it keeps them warm and makes them sleep a lot better. I think I will have them in sleeping bags for the next 16 years or so :)


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