A 10 month baby update

10 months old

This time last year I was ready to pop, blogging about what to wear to a wedding when you’re eight months pregnant and a babymoon in Cornwall – our last holiday as a family of three. Fast-forward twelve months and it feels like we’ve been a family of four for forever. Baby Girl is now ten months old and as hilarious as ever. Every day we get another glimpse into the little person she’s becoming – tiny but fierce, easy-going but determined, loud but prone but much laughter. And rough – oh so rough.

Knighthayes lawn

At ten months old Baby Girl is crawling faster than I can walk. She pulls herself up to standing on anything possible – including the legs of random strangers. Unlike her big sister at this age, she’s very sturdy on her feet and can stand on her own without holding onto anything for a good thirty seconds. Everyone comments that it won’t be long before she’s walking. Gulp.

She loves to climb and wrestle and bash and roll. Also unlike her sister, she’s not content to sit quietly looking at a book or working out how to play with a toy. Instead she’s a hurricane of movement, never stopping in one place for very long. She’s drawn to anything that’s remotely dangerous – plug sockets, wires, things that could fall on her. She has absolutely no sense of her own peril and this is, quite frankly, terrifying. She’s so different to my first baby who was less mobile at this age and happier to be near me at all times. Baby Girl is eager to explore the world and go off on her travels without so much as a backward glance at her mother.

Paddling pool

She has three teeth – two on the bottom and one on the top – with the fourth on its way any day now. At her ten month developmental check a few days ago she weighed in at 18lb and is following the curve just above the 25th centile beautifully. Small but perfectly formed.

We’re getting hints at words now. Constant babbling, shouting “REYA!” to her sister and “MAMA!” at me. Mind you, she also shouts “MAMA DADA MAMA DADA REYA” at pretty much anyone, so I don’t think we’re quite there yet with the name recognition. She laughs with this deep belly laugh when she finds something funny and shouts with a furious exclamation of anger and clenched fists if you dare to thwart her. Move a scalding cup of tea out of her reach, for example, and she’s livid.

My mum and dad often joke that she’s a mini me looks-wise. Apparently looking at Baby Girl is a bit weird as, for them, it’s like being transplanted back in 1984 and looking at their own ten month old.

This is Baby Girl at ten months:

ten months old

And this is me:

me at ten months

It continues to be a joy to watch the relationship between my two girls develop. They properly play together these days and it tickles me to hear squeals of laughter as I secretly spy on them wrestling and dancing in the front room.

swingsTen months of baby. I can’t believe how fast the days have flown.



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    God that really has gone quick hasn’t it – I think your babymoon post was one of the first blog bump club posts I joined in with. She is utterly gorgeous and her sister looks like she’s totally in love with her! <3 x

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