For all her tantrums and diva strops, my daughter is at a lovely age right now.

Every day I can see new cogs in her brain whirring into action, as she shows me she’s remembering stuff – like numbers, shapes, colours and letters – and going through ideas in her own little head.

My favourite part of this phase is watching her imagination develop and unfurl in front of me.

She talks to everything – dolls, teddies, a pebble on the ground – as if it’s her best friend. I find the responses she gives for these inanimate objects fascinating. After asking her toy tiger if he’d like some “bing bangs” (bangles, to those in the know), she makes him reply, “Yes please. Like bing bangs. Pretty on me. ROAR!”


We were recently sent a gorgeous Honeybake Tea Set from Dolls Houses. It’s one of the first toys I’ve seen my two year old properly play with for more than ten minutes.

She made pretend cups of tea with it, pouring pretend milk into pretend water and stirring in pretend sugar with the spoon.

As soon as her dad returns home from work, she’s thrusting said tea on him, oblivious to the fact he’s more of a coffee type of man.

She made play dough cupcakes and served them with the tea, getting increasingly irrate when she realised I wasn’t actually eating the “cake”.

I fear she’ll be a terrifying host when she’s older.

The tea set is made from wood, so it’s got a really durable feel to it. From the high quality finish of the painted wood, to the detailed stitching on the fabric strawberries in the pretend cupcake, it’s a toy I don’t mind leaving out in the living room at the end of the day. It ranks high above much of the plastic tat we have lying around.

I’d recommend this product for anyone looking for a starter tea set for a child as the wood finish means it’s both long lasting and unlikely to shatter into lots of pieces, like a china one would. Although I love the look of the china sets, I know my overly zealous tea maker would smash one in moments.

For the organised amongst you, I’d recommend you add it to your list of Christmas present purchases. But then again, I’m not allowing myself to mention the c-word.



You can buy the Honeybake Tea Set from Le Toy Van for £20.25 at Doll Houses.

We were sent this product for the purpose of review.


7 Responses to Fancy a cuppa?

  • Kate says:

    It’s a GLORIOUS tea-set and makes me slightly distressed that the ONLY thing my Youngest desires for her 3rd Birthday on Monday is………A DINOSAUR!! I am the Mother of THREE GIRLS!!! Tea sets I can do…….i know NOTHING about Dinosaurs!!!

  • Alison, Not another mummy blog says:

    Ahhhh! Love what she said to the lion – made me giggle out loud (or GOL as it isn’t but should be known as.)

    My 25 month old is at a similar stage – she’s not quite constructing whole sentences but loves playing with her tea set and pouring it out for everyone. (I must teach her though that drinking straight from the tea pot won’t win her any favours in later life.)

    This tea set sounds and looks fab!

  • Do they do that jumper in matron sizes?