The Blogger Bump Club Week 2 #BlogBumpClub

Blogger Bump Club

When I posted about The Blogger Bump Club last week I was a bit worried no one would join in. Despite blogging for more than three years I’ve never hosted a proper linky before, and it felt a bit like organising a party and waiting for people to show.
But I was overwhelmed with the response and loved reading all the posts that were linked up. I found some new blogs to follow too, which is always a bonus.
We have a brand new blogger to add to the group this week – Karen from Well I Guess This is Growing Up announced she’s pregnant with her first baby! Reading Karen’s post about the first trimester made me realise how much better I feel myself now compared with a few weeks ago. Although I’m still exhausted in the evenings it’s nothing compared to the bone-aching tiredness of those first few weeks of pregnancy.

Like Karen, this week I’ve been firmly focused on the nursery. Although I’m only 21 weeks pregnant, I’ve already been pinning like mad (we’re planning a mint, yellow and grey nursery) and last week took delivery of a sample of the wallpaper we plan to use for a feature wall in the baby’s room.
mint wallpaper
At our 20 week scan last week we decided not to find out the sex of the baby, so the room needs to be a gender-neutral one. When I was pregnant with Frog four years ago, we lived in a rented cottage, so didn’t have the option of painting the walls. It means this time I’m fully embracing the excitement of planning the nursery decor – even though the baby will actually sleep in our room for the first few months.
By the way, if you’re looking for gender-neutral nursery ideas you MUST check out Heather Young’s interiors blog, Growing Spaces. She has a series of gender-neutral kids room ideas coming up and if you like interiors, you’ll love her suggestions.
Other than the nursery obsession, there’s not much more to report on the pregnancy front. I’m feeling well, am feeling the baby move more and more (although my scan showed my placenta’s at the front this time, so apparently it might mean I don’t feel as much movement as it cushions the kicks) and Frog is becoming increasingly excited about the prospect of being a big sister.
So how are you doing? Has anyone else (like me) been watching far too many episodes of One Born Every Minute?
Link up your latest post about your pregnancy and join the #BlogBumpClub. By the way – do feel free to tweet me a link of your linked up post too. I’m @mollyjforbes on Twitter if you want to chat.
And, of course, there’s the shiny badge below you can display too. I made it myself and everything.

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    • says

      My husband was SO desperate to get the sonographer to tell him but she wouldn’t when I said we were keeping it a surprise!

  1. says

    Ooh exciting thinking about nursery colours! We only moved in to our house a few weeks before Monkey was born and it was a case of slap some yellow paint on the walls really! This time I am looking forward to decorating properly though not 100% sure on colours yet, we hope to find out at the scan, but will still go for fairly neutral colours I should think. Thanks for the tip on the interiors blog, definitely worth a look! Thanks for hosting this fab linky too 🙂 xx

    • says

      Heather’s blog is definitely worth a look for some interiors inspiration if you like looking at pretty rooms. I love gender-neutral rooms. My daughter has a brightly coloured, retro inspired room that would work equally well for a boy and I love it. Wouldn’t mind it for myself actually!

    • says

      NEVER apologise for moaning when pregnant. We’re all entitled to the odd moan when feeling rotten. Morning sickness is no fun at all. Hope you feel better today. x

  2. says

    Oh that’s gorgeous wallpaper – it must be really lovely to get to spend a bit of time decorating this time around if you couldn’t do much last time 🙂

    • says

      It’s brilliant knowing we have the freedom to paint the walls / wallpaper etc. Brilliant, if a little all-consuming! We have lots of jobs to do on the house at the moment and I don’t know where to start!

  3. Grandma from the north says

    OOh Molly I watch Once Born Every Minute all the time..Am I going to get a bump like you?

  4. says

    Oh I love that wallpaper! Planning the nursery is such an exciting thing to do. Haven’t ventured over to Pinterest yet as I know it will be dangerous 🙂 Our nursery is currently a junk room (we only moved into this house 4 weeks ago) so the decorating plans are on hold until we can sort it out!

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