Five things that never change about being a school mum in September

Ah September. It always starts so well doesn’t it? The excitement of a new term ahead, fresh stationery sparkling with promise, the peace of the post-school run that doesn’t involve holiday clubs or children jumping all over the sofa.

And then we hit the mid-September slump which is, very like January, a little bit shit. A couple of weeks in and the novelty of getting into school uniforms again has long since passed, the kids need to be reminded ten hundred million times to put their shoes on and you realise you forgot your New School Year Resolution to “be more organised” and sort out the packed lunches the night before. Damn.

This is my fourth year of being a school mum and I don’t seem to be nailing it any better than previous years. In brutally honest fashion, here are ten things that never change about being a school mum in September:

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