How to do bedtime with a toddler

We recently had the extreme joy of turning Baby Girl’s cot into a “big girl’s bed”. This was something we were completely unprepared for and hoping to put off as long as possible, as our second born is, shall we just say “challengingly adventurous”. But one evening, half an hour after putting our beloved no-longer-baby to bed, she appeared back downstairs with a proud grin on her face, declaring “Doddle doodle doo! Wakey wakey! I get up! I climb out my cot all myself!”. And so, the cage had to go.

We knew that taking our two year old out of her caged bed cot would spell the end of peaceful bedtimes and, unfortunately, we were right. Toddler bedtimes are now fraught with all kinds of negotiation, lost tempers, games and (from me) utter exhaustion.

If you’re here for expert advice on how to nail the toddler bedtime then I’m afraid you’ve probably come to the wrong place. However, I can offer you some tips on what NOT to do or, at least, give you a play by play of what every evening in our house currently looks like… [Read More…]

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