No junk playdates and guilt-free toddler treats #NoJunkJourney

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I love a playdate. It’s the ultimate easy toddler-entertainment, don’t you think? You get a chance to chat with your mates and your kids get a chance to play and have fun. Whether it’s sharing the pain of soft-play in numbers, visiting a farm for a busy day out or just sitting on your own sofa at home – while toddlers run amok around you – there’s something wonderfully comforting about just hanging out with other like-minded parents while the children cement friendships of their own.

Ever since Effie was born we’ve done regular playdates with the group of mums  who I met through my pregnancy yoga and aquanatal classes. All the babies were born within a month of each other, so they’ve shared every single birthday and milestone so far over the past three years. Playdates are hectic, loud, fun and full of chat. And you know what they’re also full of? FOOD.

playdate snacks ideas

Snacks are, for us, the key to a harmonious playdate. They avoid hangry dramas, give the children an opportunity to learn about sharing, and offer a welcome distraction when a potential playdate meltdown is on the horizon. But get the snack wrong and the whole playdate could go south very quickly. Sweets, chocolate, biscuits and cake may all sound like a good idea at the time, but have you ever seen five tired toddlers jacked up on sugar and E-numbers? Yeah, it’s not a pretty sight.

This is where the Goodies range from Organix saves me every time. The snacks are considered treats, but they’re not full of sugar and junk (hence – the “junk free” tag). They ward off a playdate drama and offer instant satisfaction without the side-effect of toddler sugar-crazy mayhem.

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