Teaching kids the true meaning of Christmas FAIL

You can’t teach kids the true meaning of Christmas. I mean you can, if the true meaning is presents, presents, presents and more presents. Obviously you can teach them to humour you, to tell you all the stuff they know you want to hear, about Christmas being a time to show gratitude, love your family, be kind etc etc. But when it comes down to it? It’s about the presents.

This is the first year my seven year old has been fully consumed by Christeria, as her pre-Christmas excitement levels reach a dangerously hysterical peak. And we’re not even into December yet. As a fellow-Christmas lover I can relate to her excitement, but the present-obsession? It’s a bit joy-sapping, to be honest.

“What presents do you think I’ll get this year Mummy?” “How many presents will I get?” “I know it’s not all about the presents, but… do you think I’ll get a bike? And that Lego set? And that jumper? And those Hatchimel toys?” etc etc etc. This went from 6am until the moment we had to leave the house for school. By 8.30am I was ready to cancel Christmas completely, dreading six more weeks of present chat.  [Read More…]

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