Politics and, “It’s nothing personal”


As the country gears up to vote in the EU Referendum tomorrow I keep hearing one phrase over and over again. From debates in the pub to discussions on Facebook, this one phrase seems to pop up whenever things get a bit heated: “It’s nothing personal”.

“I’m not being funny, but you can think your way and I’ll think mine, it’s nothing personal”. Or, “I like Boris and you don’t – it’s nothing personal”. Or, “So you want to vote Remain but I think we’re better off out? Whatever. It’s nothing personal”.

Except it is. It’s very personal, because politics IS personal.

From hospitals to housing, immigration to education, these are all issues which directly affect us, our children and our children’s children. Anyone who thinks these debates are just about some distant, far-off ideas which don’t really have any impact on our lives is kidding themselves. The EU Referendum is a big deal, and I think the reason it’s got people on both sides of the argument so heated is because of the truly personal nature of the outcome. [Read More…]


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