It’s cool to be normal

The pressure is huge sometimes, huh? Aside from being perfectly patient parents, offering our kids multiple opportunities, always being there, happy and smiling, cherishing every moment, we have to be cool mums, fit mums, in shape, with stylish outfits and trendy baby bags. Instagram, magazines, YouTube… social media and mainstream media have merged to create an idealised image of mum that most of us (at least, most of the parents I know) simply can’t live up to.

But you know what? It’s not normal. Here’s what most normal mums in my life look like: slightly frazzled, doing the best they can, loving their kids, doing the school run with their hair scraped back into a pony tail and roots showing. They juggle work deadlines and often unsociable working hours around children, PTA commitments and Eastenders viewing. They don’t wear designer clothes or go out to trendy restaurants every other night. Most evenings they can be found at home, in their pyjamas by 8pm, very probably sipping a well earned glass of wine. In my world, this is normal.  [Read More…]

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