A tablet for Christmas – the LeapPad Platinum

LeapPad Platinum

I used to think technology was the enemy when it came to being a “good” mum. I mean, we’re always hearing about how screens ruin our children, about how they don’t get outside enough, problems with obesity, how computers limit their social skills etc etc. Screens, computers, tablets, they all lead to a broken society and are the sole cause of everything that’s wrong with children today. Aren’t they?

Well, no, actually.

At five years old Frog can work her way around a computer far better than I could when I was three times her age. She has a natural interest in technology and this is no bad thing. Technology is the future, after all. Plus, I kind of think it’s my job as her mum to nurture those interests and encourage the things she loves. [Read More…]


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