Things to do and places to see in the Midlands this summer


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I’m a big fan of the staycation. Although we’re going abroad for the first time in a few years this summer, we’ve spent the past few summers in the UK. We’ve had camping adventures, stayed in some lovely hotels and enjoyed visiting family all over the country.

The (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine is from the North West, so we often stay overnight in the Midlands when we go up to visit his family. It’s a long old trek from Devon to near Manchester, so staying with friends or family en-route breaks up the trip. I’ve often thought about making this middle bit of the journey into a mini holiday, so I’ve been asking around for tips of things to see and places to visit in the Midlands next time we’re travelling through.

If you’re looking for a handy hotel to stop off in then the Holiday Inn in Coventry is located just off junction 2 of the M6. It’s near the M69, M1 and M42 and just 15 minutes’ drive from Birmingham International Airport, so couldn’t be more convenient for an overnight stay. [Read More…]

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