Five things I did to feel better about my body (without changing it)

This time two years ago I was on a diet. This time three years ago I was on a diet. This time four years ago, despite just having had a baby, you guessed it… I was on a diet.

Thing is, at no time did I admit to myself that I was “on a diet”. But it was a diet, because although it didn’t get called “a diet” it very much looked like a diet.

Sometimes it involved calorie counting, sometimes it involved cutting out carbs, sometimes it involved doing a shit-load of HIIT workouts and trying to drink three litres of water a day (side note: that’s really bloody hard actually) and sometimes it involved just eating what the hell I wanted to eat but feeling guilty afterwards.

Either way, whatever I was doing, the end goal was always to lose weight, get toned, change my body.

And then something changed. I decided in the run-up to Christmas I was not going to beat myself up about gaining weight over the festive season, not going to plan some kind of “detox” or gruelling January training schedule, not going to attempt to change my body in any way, actually. Instead, I would work on my mind.

This decision came at a time when I was suffering regular moments of self-doubt. It felt like I’d arrived at some sort of cross-roads, and it was time to try something new.

In the absence of a diet or some kind of “January body plan” this is what I did: [Read More…]

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