Our epic adventure to France

French swimming lake in Dordogne

It was a special holiday in so many ways. The first holiday away for longer than a fortnight. The first holiday where Frog swam without a swimming aid. The first holiday where the girls ate snails (yes, really).

Seriously though, this one isn’t one we’ll forget and, as a result, this post is likely to be full of many things – including far too many photos and a video. It wasn’t a review trip so I was under no obligation to write about it, take photos or film it. In fact, on some days I didn’t even get my camera out. I went days without going online which, as someone who earns a living being plugged into the internet what feels like 24/7, was pretty bloody lovely.

But of course old habits die hard and I couldn’t let the days pass without recording at least a few snapshots to carry with us through to old age. Also, we visited some pretty incredible places which I want to tell you about, in case you might be interested in planning your own epic adventure through France. [Read More…]


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