Sisters – the next chapter

My girls

“Is it a boy or a girl?” everyone asked when I was pregnant. I’d tell them I didn’t know and didn’t care, as long as my baby was healthy. But when I held my brand new baby up and saw she was a girl, I cried. I’d made a sister for my older girl, four years apart, just like me and my own sister.

“Oh you’ll be trying for a third now, maybe you’ll have a boy next time!” lots of people said to me afterwards. The jury’s still out on whether a third child will ever be on the cards for us (definitely not if the husband gets his way) but, I must admit, I feel more than content with my lot at having two girls. I have two beautiful girls who are lively, funny and interesting in their own right – even though one’s only seven months old. Recently though, they’ve become lively, funny and interesting TOGETHER. And now the fun stuff really begins.

Mornings on a weekday are chaotic. I’ll often mutter swear words under my breath at some point. But there are moments – little pockets of sweetness – that calm the rising stress of trying to do a million things at once before 8am. Like realising the baby’s no longer crying in her cot while I brush my teeth, and emerging from the bathroom to find my four year old reading her a story. Or hearing giggles from both girls as they bounce around my bedroom together, the four year old putting on a show just to make her baby sister laugh. It strikes me that these are the moments I’ll remember when I’m old. These are the colourful threads weaving my life together. [Read More…]

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