The October blues


I’ve always loved autumn. I enjoy the excitement of fresh stationery, budding plans and the positivity of starting anew. But I’ve come to conclude that the fortnight post 6th October (my birthday is 2nd October and Baby Girl’s is the 6th) isn’t my “happy time”. While everyone else is joyously jumping through leaves and extolling the virtues of country walks and pub lunches, I’m hunched at home, rocking in the corner and scowling at my Instagram feed.

It was the same last year and it’s proving to be the same this year. Without wanting to go all violin playing or fatalistic, it just seems that last haul to half term is harder at this time of year than any other.

The dark mornings, dark nights and random torrential showers seem to set me adrift. On the one hand I relish the opportunity to get into my PJs come an evening and snuggle down under a blanket – either at my desk (often) or on the sofa. But on the other, the new weather seems to reflect the struggle of daily life. [Read More…]


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