A long ramble about re-owning my body and eating less cake

This is me this time last year:


It’s kind of weird to think that a year ago Baby Girl was cooking inside me and we didn’t even know that she was a girl. Now it feels like she’s been a part of our family for forever. Which is why it feels sort of strange to, slowly but surely, be getting my body back. I’m still breastfeeding, so my body’s not completely my own, but recently I’ve noticed that my raging milk-production appetite has been decreasing, which must mean that Baby Girl is probably having a little less milk from me now. The amount of food she packs away, it’s hardly surprising.

I’ve always been a size 10-12, depending on where I shop. This has been my size for the past ten years at least – probably longer. In fact, ever since I was a fully grown adult with a love of wine and cheese, my weight’s stayed between nine and ten stone. I’m fine with this and have no desire to be any smaller – I love food far too much for that. [Read More…]

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