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Flowers in bloom

Doesn’t the sunshine just make everything better?

I found myself feeling properly relaxed for the first time in what seems like ages today. I’m pretty sure it’s mainly down to the weather and the fact I spent a couple of hours pottering in the garden. Then again, it could also be attributed to the small matter of my toddler’s mammoth two hour nap this afternoon.

The last couple of days have been productive, tinged with moments of indulgence. Mornings in the gardens, fields and woods at nursery have tired my almost-three year old out, leaving her snoring on the sofa within five minutes of arriving home.

With a bonus couple of hours that weren’t planned for, I’ve been able to clear the laundry (I’m one of those weird people that actually gets a sense of satisfaction at hanging out the washing and seeing it dry in the breeze), potter around the garden, clear some work deadlines and – yesterday – have a tiny nap.

Having a couple of extra hours to myself the last two days has made me realise just how time-poor I really am. It’s a bit sad that I consider having twenty minutes to put a wash on and mop the floor a blissful luxury. Usually I’m racing about trying to hit a work deadline, entertain my toddler, answer a phone call and cook tea, all before getting to bed at a reasonable hour due to my current early starts for the breakfast radio show I’m working on.

Seeing the flowers bloom in the garden, eating a sandwich in the sun and, well, just being still, have left me smiling. And in a period of intense change, stressful juggling, scary decisions and tired-to-the-bones exhaustion, these smiles are a welcome relief.

Daisies in the gardenHow have you been enjoying the sunshine? Have you found it’s made you feel better?