Blogging, inspiring women and the #ARWOMAN campaign


One of the biggest impacts blogging has had on my life is meeting other people. My circle of friends has grown to include women who regularly inspire me, make me laugh and bowl me over with their incredible talent. Not to get mushy, but these are women who have become real life friends, who I speak to on the phone and meet up with in the pub (when we’re in the same corners of the country, anyway).

So when the team at Atterley Road asked me to write about a woman who inspires me, I was spoilt for choice. I could have picked from a huge list of blogging buddies, not to mention my own mum and sister. But today I want to write about Gemma.

Gemma blogs at Helloitsgemma and has become a good friend over the past few years. If I was to use one description for Gemma it would be “under-stated”. She’s so under-stated, in fact, that she’ll probably hate me writing this post. Sorry Gemma. 


She’s funny, in a dry, self-deprecating way. Has a huge repertoire of random anecdotes and has some of the quickest observations and witty banter of anyone I know. Along with her great taste in tea, clothes and stylish places to hang out and people-watch, Gemma has a real talent for words and photographs. Reading her blog often makes me want to explore new places and slow down to appreciate the finer things in life (like a good trip, cup of tea or a meal). She does all this in her typically under-stated way, with a natural style and not overly stylised, un-real photographs or loud, boastful words. She is very British like that.

It’s true, Gemma isn’t a neuro-surgeon saving lives. And she’s not single-handedly raising millions of pounds for charity. She isn’t waging a war on environmental issues or a leading political activist. But she inspires me to find the funny in life, observe people in new ways, enjoy the little things (tea and time with family) and aspire to attempt to take better photographs.

So, Gemma is my #ARWOMAN nomination. Who’s yours?


Head on over to the super-stylish Atterley Road site (gorgeous clothes alert) to find out more about the campaign. They’re asking us to share a photo of a woman who inspires us on Instagram, using the hashtag #ARWOMAN, and to join in the conversation on Twitter (@AtterleyRoad).


Thanks to Atterley Road for commissioning this post. For more information about how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page. 


  1. says

    Thank you so so much. I am really flattered and touched.
    Can I add that I do recycle madly, obsessionally carrying litter home to recycle, even bus tickets – am waging my own small environmental war.
    Thank you Molly you are wonderful and inspire me in many ways, particularly with your ambition, drive and talent for writing.

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