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Addicted to Boots

I’ve written here before about not being particularly materialistic. When it comes to furniture, I’m happy to opt for second hand and give it a bit of upcycling love. Although Boden kids clothes are my achilles heel, I’m just as content dressing my toddler in the second hand versions rather than the pricey brand new ones. My car is anything but flashy and my coat is not designer.

But. Well, I have a confession to make. I am a bit hooked on boots. Especially the ones on offer at online clothing and shoe store Zalando.

Given five minutes free time on the internet, my eye will immediately wander over to look at pretty boots and trainers, adding more styles to my personalised lists on Shopcade. It’s my new favourite (and very indulgent) hobby.

That’s why I got a little over-excited when I received an email from the Zalando team offering me the chance to do a review. I’d first come across the site after reading the rave reviews and tweets from my blogging mate Nickie at I Am Typecast, so I was no stranger to the types of lovely things on offer.

I had no idea, however, of the extent of gorgeous boots Zalando feature. It took me a good hour to trawl through all the different designs, creating a shortlist of my favourites before finally picking the ones I wanted.

Eventually, I plumped for this slightly rock chick pair from Even & Odd:

Even and Odd boots from Zalando

I have a real thing for black ankle boots, already owning two other pairs. In my defence though, none of the boots in my current collection have pretty stars and studs on or sport a gorgeous wooden heel.

I wore them all day – including driving 50 minutes to work in them – and they left me with no blister at the end. They were cute enough to team with skinny jeans but I think they’ll come into their own with my favourite black lace skater dress. (Incredibly frivolous but it’s nice to feel nice, no?)

My new boots went rather well with my new black silk T’shirt – also from Zalando – which perfectly skimmed any wobbly bits.

Zalando T'shirt

(Yes, those are grubby fingerprints on the mirror. I have a toddler, what can I say?)

My sensible head is telling myself not to get too carried away with the love of snazzy new clothes, but I couldn’t help but notice the lovely feeling I had when I wore this outfit earlier this week. There’s something about wearing something I feel good in, which looks pretty, that makes me walk a bit taller. Call me indulgent, shallow and vacuous, but I just can’t help myself.

Every now and again, it’s nice to have something new to wear. Especially when it’s new boots.

Thanks Zalando!


Disclosure: The products featured were provided for the purpose of this review. For more information please see my disclosure page.