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There’s nothing like being brought back to earth by a brutally honest three year old. This particular three year old goes by the name of Arthur and lives next door.

A week has passed, but the harsh reality of his words still rings in my ears.

Arthur: “Um. Molly? Did you know something? Did you know that when I was a baby I drank milk from my Mummy’s boobies?”

Me: “Yes, I did know that. And when Frog was a baby she drank milk from my boobies too.”

Arthur: “Oh”, (eyes me up and down suspiciously) “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes. Very sure. When Frog was a baby she drank milk from my boobies. Just like you drank milk from your Mummy’s boobies.”

Arthur: “Oh. OK. Um…So where are your boobies now then?”

I suppose it’s time to invest in a padded bra. *Sigh*



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