Coughs and colds – facts to make you cringe

Did you know the average computer mouse is dirtier than a toilet seat?

Yep, I know. Gross.

Coughs and colds are rife in our house at this time of year and I’m now wondering if my rather lackadaisical attitude to cleaning may not be exactly helping matters.

Don’t get me wrong, I clean. Occasionally. Every now and again I am consumed with the need to rid my house of dust and I go on a spree, running around the house waving a duster frantically. I even bought a mop the other day.

But, like many other working mothers, I am time poor. To be honest, given the choice of spending the afternoon at the park or behind a hoover, I know what I’d rather do. So, sometimes, I can’t exactly blame a lack of time so much as a lack of inclination. Then again, now I know that gruesome cold fact, I can’t stop looking at my computer mouse and picturing the toilet seat sitting on my desk.

I am in a quandary. I’m not ready to bow down to the cleaning gods and sacrifice myself at the alter of bleach but, you know, that damn toilet seat mouse is looking at me again. I am left with no other option than to come to some sort of compromise and create a cleaning rota. If it means a few less runny noses and a few more good nights of sleep, then I can be dedicated.

How do you keep on top of the cleaning in your house? And while we’re on the subject of colds – do you have any home remedies that work wonders for making you feel better?

For more cold facts to make you cringe, have a look at this:

Coughs and Cold Outreach


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