I love writing. I love my blog. And I love posh crisps.


Occasionally the three come together allowing me to blog, write and purchase said posh crisps on a Friday night. Advertorial posts help me pay for the running of this website and indulge in my love of Kettle Chips.

If you’re a reader wondering if a post has been sponsored, then the answer is “yes” if it is labelled, and “no” if not. I don’t run commercial copy on this blog without clearly marking it as such and I don’t accept third party content.

If you’re a PR looking to place an Advertorial post, you can find out more about my rates here – but don’t get in touch if you want a link embedded within a post that isn’t clearly labelled “Advertorial”. I don’t do that.


I often review products suitable for the content and readership of this site, but as with Advertorial posts, all review posts are clearly labelled.

Sometimes products are provided for the purpose of review, but it goes without saying the words and opinions expressed are completely my own. If I don’t like something, I’ll say so. Luckily, all the products and experiences I’ve tested so far have been really rather lovely.


Not the biscuit kind – the geek kind.

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By continuing to use this website without changing your browser preferences, you’re consenting to the use of cookies – meaning you’ll benefit from all the wonderful things this blog has to offer.



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