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Fast Rabbit Garden lake


Do you ever feel like you need to turn down the noise?

Yesterday was one of those days. As my To Do list reverberated around my head, pestering me with taunts of jobs and tasks that I barely had time to complete, I managed to forget about it all for a while as I visited a pretty special place.

Nestled down a narrow country lane near Dartmouth, The Fast Rabbit Farm Gardens lie waiting to be discovered.

With 30 acres of secluded land in the Strawberry Valley, it’s so peaceful you can (quite literally) only hear the bees hum. Of course my three old changed that with her usual loud chatter, but still.

I’m no gardening expert, but I can appreciate a pretty flower when I see one. The Fast Rabbit is full of them. But it’s not like your usual garden centre. In fact, this place is so quiet that we were the only ones there, wandering through the beautiful lines of flowers and watching the bees at work.

The Fast Rabbit GardenOnce we’d taken in the pretty specimens, we strolled out into the woodland, down windy paths shaded by huge canopies of trees.

Fast Rabbit Farm Gardens

We found a lake, complete with picture-perfect lily pads and lazy fish gulping at flies. It was the perfect spot for a picnic.

Sometimes turning the noise off for a while is the only thing to do. I highly recommend it.