Eight responses to “Does your baby sleep through the night?”

Sleeping baby

1. Yes, of course. She has done since she was two minutes’ old. She also cooks for us and makes a mean cup of tea. Doesn’t yours?

2. No, she doesn’t sleep through the night. But she can tap-dance and spin on her head, so it’s not all bad.

3. I look like a lead in Night of the Living Dead. I’m slurring my words and don’t know my own name, let alone my baby’s. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

4. If by “Sleep through the night” you mean, “Wake up every couple of hours screaming” then yes, yes she does. She does it incredibly well too. 

5. “Sleep”? I’m sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

6. It’s a proven fact that highly intelligent babies don’t sleep, you know.

7. Yes. All the time. Some of the time. One time. OK, never.

8. Oh sod off.


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  1. says

    Love these. And I hate that question. The other question I have been asked twice now regarding my 10 day old daughter … ‘Is she good?’ What the hell does that mean??

    Another response to ‘does you baby sleep through the night?’ … Well I don’t so why should I expect her to?

    Kirsty @ Baby Bird & Mouse

  2. says

    Oh I love it! My favourite response to “how does s/he sleep?” has always been “exactly like a baby!” Said very enthusiastically! My cousin once asked me when Kitty started sleeping through the night (new father to a five month old) and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that at not quite 2 she wasn’t yet!!

  3. says

    Oh Gawd, is this a thing? People go round asking this??? Given it’s pre 6am on my day off and I’m awake it sounds like Baby Crisp is making his / her sleeping intentions (or lack of them) clear from here on! I am printing this out for my “coping with the first year” file! Big love xxx


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