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A few days ago I had a wobble.

I worried that we’d uprooted our three year old from everything she knew and that she wasn’t happy. I over-thought everything and, rather than just cracking on with the business in hand of settling in, I panicked.

Tantrums are exhausting, but tantrums every ten minutes are MIND BLOWINGLY exhausting. I was tired, unsettled, still living amongst boxes and not entirely sure we’d done the right thing by moving 200 miles from Berkshire to South Devon. 

Turns out I was wrong to worry.

The house is unpacked. The tantrums have abated (mostly) and the area is starting to feel familiar. Funny how quickly we become normalised to things once we wake up to them every day.

We have made the most of the NLM’s school holiday no-working hours and my flexible working hours, to get out and explore where we live. I have a post coming up about the brilliant day we had today near Dartmouth.

We had another trip to the beach yesterday and then a few hours in Totnes along with a picnic by the river on Tuesday.


It’s starting to feel like home.