There was a time when the thought of picking out a lunch bag for my little girl would have been unimaginable.

But now, as we hurtle towards my three year old’s first term at Pre-School, it feels like very much of a reality.

“It’s only a lunch bag – get over it!” I hear you say. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a symbol that my child is becoming more independent. It’s a sign of me doing yet another thing I remember my own mum doing for me (I’m assuming I’ll be the one in charge of the packed lunch).

At Frog’s last nursery she had lunch provided for her, so this will be the first time she’s had the pleasure of picking out her own lunch bag and carrying it to “school”. I can still remember a few of my favourite lunch boxes of my own when I was little – a turqoise one and another pink one with special clasps that made a satisfying click when you opened it.

Over at Internet Gift Store there’s a whole variety of kids lunch bags to choose from.

They’ve got the obligatory cartoon characters and boy bands, Star Wars and Thomas the Tank Engine designs, but my favourites are the ones here:


Knowing Frog, she’ll go for the Timmy Time one (she’s a sucker for a TV character) but I quite like the plain purple one. Or maybe I’ll nab that one for myself…

Which one do you like best?!


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