first trimester saviours

They say no two pregnancies are the same and, so far, this is proving very true in my case.

With Frog, I spent the first trimester utterly exhausted. That kind of tiredness that just seeps right into your bones and leaves you able to do nothing but sleep. Although I spent many evenings feeling nauseous, there wasn’t actually too much sickness. I just felt bloated, tired and generally crap.

With this pregnancy I’ve felt all that and more. The biggest difference is the sickness. I’ve never experienced anything like it. From the moment I opened my eyes in the morning until the moment I closed them at night I battled against extreme waves of nausea. It meant there’ve been many afternoons when I’ve had to cancel plans to take Frog out because I physically can’t be more than two metres from the toilet. 

Add to this the fact that I haven’t wanted to share my news, so have spent many moments fighting back nausea and pretending I’m OK, and you can safely assume my mood hasn’t been the best.

Luckily, since I passed the twelve week mark (last week) I have felt about a trillion times better. But some habits I picked up in my first trimester look likely to hang around. These are products, foods and clothes that have made me feel better, more comfortable and less, well, minging.

Fancy facial products

A few weeks ago, when I was at my lowest in terms of sickness and exhaustion, I ordered a pot of Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturiser. I will never again underestimate the effect of a good cleanser and moisturiser. For those few minutes in the morning and at night, after I had washed and moisturised, I felt refreshed and more awake. It was like a little moment of relief in the long slog of each day.

Comfy clothes

I’ve heard that if you’ve already had a baby you can develop a bump quicker than with the first pregnancy. I heard that but didn’t believe it… until at just 8 weeks I could no longer fit into my favourite pair of jeans. My pelvis area ballooned and there was a visible bump there by 9 weeks. So I now felt fat as well as sick and tired!

9 weeks pregnant bump

I bought a pair of these trousers from Asos, thinking they’d be an alternative to jeans. But the jersey fabric and cut makes them more harem than peg cut, so I’ve ended up just wearing them around the house. They’ve now become my preferred lounge wear and are HUGELY comfy.

Asos t'shirt

Erica at Modern Mum Must Have is one of my buddies over at The Motherhood. I totally trust her style advice (well she is a Fashion Editor after all) so when she pointed out this top on Asos I bought it immediately. It’s floaty, loose and ever so comfy. It’s helped hide the bulging belly and there’s plenty of room for the bump to get even bigger in it.


Because I’ve been good for nothing in the evenings, if I’ve had a work deadline to meet I’ve chosen to get up early in the morning and work before Frog wakes up. This has left evenings free to relax and, mainly, sleep. A warm bath, an episode of an addictive series (hello Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black and Mr Selfridge) and a face mask and I’ve felt almost human.

Hot bath

Lemons, soya milk and herbal tea

I haven’t been able to drink milk since around the eight week pregnancy mark. For some reason it’s just turned my stomach. When I’ve had it in tea it’s not been long before I’ve been throwing up and – whether it’s an association thing or an intolerance thing – I haven’t wanted to risk drinking it again. I’ve switched to a slice of lemon in my tea and soya milk on my cereal and, actually, I haven’t missed milk at all. Bread has (sob) also had to go, as it’s left me bloated and full of really attractive wind (tmi – sorry). I’m still mourning the loss of bread and hoping its disappearance from my diet isn’t a permanent thing.

Sickness bands

When Jane from Northern Mum came to visit a few weeks ago, I spent much of the time with my head down the toilet. She recommended trying sickness bands, used for travel or morning sickness. They’re bands that go around your wrist, a bit like a Rocky-style cuff, with a little bobble that presses on your pressure point on your inner wrist. While they didn’t banish the nausea completely, they did provide some relief. Ultimately though, when the sickness made an entrance there wasn’t much that would keep it at bay.

What have I missed off the list? What helped you endure those difficult first few weeks of pregnancy?