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I blogged about blogging last week. Actually, I wrote about blogging but decided not to publish. It wasn’t that I was ashamed of what I’d written – I stand by every word – but I didn’t want to max out my self-imposed blog naval-gazing limit.

I’m still really interested to know what people think about the subject though. If you’re a blogger or a PR or an SEO representative, please head over to my guest post at Geekalicious: How do you decide what your blog is worth?

The post came about after I was asked to publish a follow link in a sponsored post on this blog, for the princely sum of £17.

Rather than accept what I deemed to be an incredibly low offer, I went off and wrote about how we decide what value to put on our blogs when cold hard cash is involved. How very un-British of me.

I’d love to know your thoughts.