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This time last year, my diva daughter was only just learning to walk. With hypermobile joints delaying her physical development, she had regular physiotherapy sessions to try and get her up and about. During those sessions we were encouraged to invest in a ride-on toy and, later, a balance bike (this year’s planned birthday present) as we were told these would be great activities to strengthen her overly flexible joints and hone her balancing skills.

I laughed at the physiotherapist back then, unable to dream of my non-walking toddler having the physical ability to even stand unaided, let alone scoot herself around on a Micro Scooter. But, today, I was taken right back to that room in the hospital one year ago, vividly reliving the memory of my bendy daughter trying to pull herself onto her feet like a gangly baby giraffe.

Micro Scooter GlamShe is scooting! Not just gingerly standing on her Micro Scooter and waiting for it to move, but actually pushing herself along all on her own.

Although I’ve noticed Frog has turned a real corner with her walking, running, jumping and climbing recently, I’m sure much of her new-found Micro Scooter love can be put down to the rather snazzy accessories she has to go with it.

We were sent a gorgeous spotty bag (that easily clips on and off the main frame), bell and pull along lead. At first, the lead was useful for helping my nearly-three year old gain scooter confidence, but it later became a handy carrying tool, as it attaches to the wheel to create a useful carry strap.

The bag is perfect toddler size and is a welcome addition for a little girl who’s aqcuired a recent love of handbags, rucksacks and purses – she now insists on taking her own purse in her own bag whenever we go to the shop, regardless of whether it contains cash or not.

Micro Scooter Accessories

It would appear that, after a year, my bendy child is finally falling in love with her Micro Scooter.

Is it too soon to expect some tricks, do you think?!


You can find out more about Micro Scooter Accessories at micro-scooters.co.uk. The products featured in this post are: Neon Spotty Bag, £14.95, Scoot ‘N’ Pull in pink, £6.99. We were also sent an XLC Alloy Mini Bell, £5.50.

Disclosure: These products were provided free of charge, for the purpose of this review.