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THIS is how to make cleaning fun…

Add a skateboard to your mop and off you go – BOOM! Cleaning is actually fun AND a worthwhile form of exercise.

I’m not a fan of cleaning (although I love a clean house) so this idea from Vileda could be the answer. For me, the most “living on the edge” thing I’ve ever done while cleaning was to clean the shower whilst naked.

As a mum, much of my cleaning is done ad hoc, while doing something else. For example, I cleaned the sink in the bathroom this morning whilst brushing my teeth. I used wet-wipes too, for that extra “I have no time to clean and can’t be bothered to get out the bathroom cleaner” effect. I tend to flap a duster about when turning the TV on and rarely do a deep clean, much to my shame.

I hear stories of people cleverly involving their kids in the cleaning process, but I’ve yet to do this successfully. The one time I tried to get Frog to help out with the dusting she put a big fat scratch down the middle of her father’s pride and joy flatscreen TV.

When I was a child, we used to have to do certain chores to earn our monthly “allowance”. Mine was ironing and cleaning the bathroom. Every Sunday afternoon I’d settle down in front of Hollyoaks with the iron and my dad’s huge pile of work shirts. Mum used to pay me extra for other bits of cleaning. When I was really skint I’d take on the job of dusting, waxing and polishing the monster welsh dresser in our breakfast room. I hated that job but it earned me the princely sum of £10!

These days, my worst cleaning jobs are still the bathroom – and I hate hoovering with a passion. Our current home has stripped floorboards in the living room which, although attractive, seem to act like a dust magnet. I think I need a skateboard and a Vileda mop to make them shine in the way they’re supposed to.

What cleaning chores are our worst? Do your kids help out with the cleaning? How do you make it fun?!


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