My husband and daughter, the rock stars

Baby Banz

I can’t be the only mum who has serious clothes envy of their kid. My daughter has a pretty rocking wardrobe. From cute handmade dresses and knitted jumpers, made by both of her grandmas, to bright t’shirts and colour clashing leggings and skirts, she certainly doesn’t want for clothes. I regularly wish I had outfits as fun as hers…

Pregnant on holiday

Frog has quite short hair, so doesn’t often tend to wear it up. And she’s not a big one for bracelets or necklaces (even of the loom band variety), so the concept of “accessories” is a little lost on her – she’s only four after all. However, she’s made an exception to the rule with her brand new sunglasses – a pair of Retro Banz from Sunglasses Shop.

Retro Banz

They come with a wrap around frame made of a soft material and velcro, so they don’t fall off or bother her at all. Plus, they’re not a bright lurid pink, so she thinks they’re “really grown-up Mummy”. They even come with a little pouch to keep them scratch-free, a big plus when it comes to kids.

Retro Banz sunglasses

Sunglasses Shop also stock a whole range of designer frames for adults. My husband lucked out on this occasion with a matching pair of bans. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of these Wayfarer frames by Ray-Ban.

Wayfarer frames

He’s worn them Every. Single. Day since getting them. At the beach, driving his car, going to the supermarket, going for family outings… in fact, if he doesn’t have his sunglasses with him he gets slightly panicked. It’s fair to say he likes them.


As for me, I don’t have any new sunnies this summer (woe is me) but if I were to buy a pair I’d go for the Erika Ray-Bans in yellow or the Celine Audrey in blue. Both have a hint of 1950s about them, which I love.

Which pair would you go for?



Disclosure: Thanks to Sunglasses Shop for sending us two pairs of sunglasses to review for the purpose of this post. All opinions and words, as ever, remain my own.




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