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I’ve always been a grass is greener kind of person. I don’t wish to be this way. It’s not an attractive trait. But there it is.

No matter how mouldy, muddy or sparse the grass is on the other side of the fence, it’s always greener than mine.

When I was on maternity leave I regularly sighed after my friends who were conversing with other adults at work. When I worked from home I sighed after the old days of non-working, devoted baby time. Now I go out to a workplace AND work at home, I sigh after just the working from home status.

The grass is always greener. Contentment is always on the other side of the fence.

And the internet doesn’t help my inner grassy feelings.

Facebook makes me want other people’s partners, the type who lead to status updates of this variety – “xxx has just been cooked dinner by her wonderful husband!”

Twitter makes me want other people’s wit.

Instagram makes me want other people’s homes, crafting abilities, food, clothes, social life.

And blogging? All of the above.

It’s true. The internet makes me jealous.

I am coveting that beautiful Cath Kidston tablecloth you own. I am lusting after your stunning kitchen. I am pining for your children’s boutique Swedish designer clothes. I am full of remorse that I can’t sew as well as you. Or cook as well as you. Or weekend as well as you.

I want your life.

And then I look up from my computer or phone screen and see this…

And I laugh.

And I think, “Nah, actually. You can keep your life. Mine’s really rather alright.”