Kids, theatres and The Singing Kettle Tour 2014

The Singing Kettle Tour 2014

As the daughter of a retired drama teacher, it’s fair to say I’ve been to quite a few shows. From Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon to The Lion King in London, whenever my mum had a school trip to see a particularly good play or musical I would often tag along. I think that’s why I’m so keen on my own daughter having similar experiences of the theatre.

If you’re looking for a great show to take the kids to this summer then you could do worse than booking tickets for The Singing Kettle Tour. It’s a brilliant introduction to theatre for pre-schoolers and has become a bit of a benchmark in the early years theatre industry.

Call me biased, but I reckon taking children to see a live performance of a play or musical is a FANTASTIC way to tap into their natural imagination, excitement and to help develop a love of the arts (spoken like the true daughter of a drama teacher).

There are 51 tour dates all over the UK, but hurry – some have already sold out. If you’re up in Scotland then there are still tickets left for the Glasgow show. While you’re there you could always squeeze in a hotel stay in Glasgow and turn it into a summer mini-break!

If you do decide to make the most of the summer and enjoy a little holiday you could also fit in a trip to Glasgow Science Centre, the Riverside Museum and the Wonder World Adventure Centre too. The city’s not short of family-friendly entertainment options.

We’re planning a summer of adventure to make the most of this time before Frog starts school and before things get a bit chaotic with a brand new baby. A trip to the theatre is definitely on our list.

How about you? Do your kids love the theatre? Have you got any fun family outings planned this summer?



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