Mama Style: For love of the skinny jean

School run outfit with skinny jeans

I fully accept there’ll be a day in the distant future when I’ll look back at photos of myself wearing skinny jeans and think, “What was I thinking?!”. Today is not that day. My love of the skinny jean began back in 2007 and hasn’t really waned since.

As much as I love the skinny jean though, I’ll readily admit I’m far more of a dress or skirt person. In fact, it’s only since I had Baby Girl and have been chained to breastfeeding-friendly outfits, that I’ve been back on a quest to find that perfect pair of jeans. I’ve flirted with the boyfriend jean – my ripped baggy boyf jeans only really work on hot summer days when I can bear to wear them rolled up, with lots of breeze gusting around the open ripped knee area. I’ve also had a brief fling with the Mom jean, but the less we speak about that the better. So back it is to the good old faithful skinny jean.

But which pair? There are so many out there, and there are so many pitfalls if you don’t find the right ones. Muffin tops, bulging thighs, builder’s bums… all looks I try to avoid when I can, which rules out at least half of my past skinny jeans buys. So when George at Asda asked me to try a few pairs of jeans in their range and challenged me to find my own answer in their Which Jean Are You? campaign, I thought it could be an interesting exercise.

(This post should probably come with a disclaimer: all of these photos were taken by my photo-phobic husband who didn’t understand why I was asking him to take photos of me in front of blank walls or, indeed, why we couldn’t just take a few shots on my phone in the living room. He’s still fighting his role as Instagram Husband, but at least in these shots he managed not to crop my head out of the photos.)

1. The school run

School run outfit by Asda George

The Wonderform Skinny Jeans are fast becoming my jean of choice for all activities that involve running around after the kids. I’m currently a size 12 and find these hug me in all the right places, without making me feel like I’m wearing a corset. Better still, they don’t need constant pulling up and are versatile enough to work from school run to soft play to lunch date and back again. I’ve teamed the jeans with the Snake PU pumps and oversized top in grey, all by Asda George.

2. The work meeting

Work meeting skinny jeans outfit

These aren’t strictly skinny jeans, per se, but for the purpose of this post I’m going to use artistic licence. These are the straight leg jean in black, which I’ve turned up at the ankle because I’m short and, well, I like the slightly cropped look with a pair of brogues. I’ve styled these up with some faux suede brogues and the denim patterned shirt, buttoned up to the top with a statement necklace and coat.

3. The lunch date

Lunch outfit by Asda George

I’ve had my eye on a pair of pointy lace-up flats for ages and this pair go beautifully with the exceptionally flattering high waisted wondersculpt jeans. I think this pair of jeans might be my absolute favourites, because the high waist is properly flattering – even for someone who’s had two babies and is allergic to sit-ups. Again, I’ve gone with the versatile oversized top in grey – seen in the first picture – along with a black and white knitted cape.

If you’re also a lover of the skinny jean then you might be interested in this fun video by the team at George at Asda, to help you find which style of jeans to wear when (hint: Wondersculpt jeans for the win):


Which is your favourite look?


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Skinny jeans outfits


Thanks to George at Asda for working with me on this post. For more information about how I work with brands check out my Work With Me page.




  1. says

    Love them all – LOVE the sound of the Wondersculpt ones. I need me some wondersculpting!! Isn’t shopping for jeans so depressing? But so amazing when you find good ones!

  2. says

    I too love skinny jeans and often wonder what I wore before then and they are such a staple I do wonder when they won’t be “on trend” if you know what I mean. I love all of these looks Molly

    Laura x

  3. says

    They all look amazing, I didn’t know Asda sold so many different types of jeans! I am always in search of some jeans that fit me, I have really short legs but I’m not petite so jeans always fit me wrong, will def check out Asda’s range though as I don’t like spending much! xx

    • says

      Jeans are a nightmare to find aren’t they? I really recommend the Wondersculpt high waisted range at Asda – so comfy and really flattering. x

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