Commissioned post 

I’d like to tell you a secret. It’s not something many people know. And it’s not something I’m proud of.


*deep breath*

I haven’t been measured for a bra since I was pregnant.

I know! I am a TOTALLY different size since before I became a mum. Pregnancy and breastfeeding does that to you. But still, rather than get measured for a bra I’ve muddled on through with the few pre-pregnancy bras I still have, even though they don’t really fit all that well.

What is it about being a mum? I always put myself last when it comes to the basics. If Frog needs a pair of shoes or pants – or whatever – she has them instantly. But when it comes to me and my sparse bra issue then, well, I’m rubbish.

The bras at Camille are very much on my bra-radar. From lacy ones, to comfy ones, to black ones to push-up ones, they have pretty much every style going.

They have that many styles of designer lingerie that it inspired me to draw up a bra short-list, to detail everything I could ever want from my perfect bra.

1) Underwired

When I was breastfeeding I couldn’t imagine going back to the underwired bras of my pre-pregnancy days. But although my nursing bras were incredibly comfy, it was nice putting on something that had shape to it and wasn’t a bit milk-soggy. There’s something about underwired bras that makes me feel fully “supported”, if you know what I mean.

2) Plunging

I’ve never been particularly well-endowed in the upper area (not counting the breastfeeding days *sigh*). So a plunging, push-up bra lets me imagine what it would feel like to have something to shout about up top. Also, you avoid the embarrassment of the low neckline / high bra-line visibility.

3) Pretty

I love a bit of lace. Or silk. Or a pretty feminine pattern. Or some nice pastel colours. Anything that’s not mottled grey, vampish red or ugly brown.

How about you? What’s on your list when it comes to the perfect bra?


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