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Polarn O.Pyret spotty dress

The last month has been somewhat of a revelation in the parenting stakes. Have you ever noticed how just as you think you’ve got it sorted, a new curveball comes to challenge you? The challenge of the moment is… clothing. Or, rather, toddler clothing.

Despite not yet turning three, my daughter has developed incredibly strong opinions about what she will and will not wear.

Her fashionista choices deem wellies to be firmly IN and dresses firmly OUT. That’s fine, except for when she wants to wear her yellow wellies with a (completely inappropriate, bought by my sister as a joke) belly dancer outfit. To nursery. Not ideal.

Help has been at hand this week though, in the form of this gorgeous polka dot number from Swedish clothing label Polarn O.Pyret.

Polka dot Polarn O.Pyret dress

I always swore I wouldn’t be the kind of mum who would fret about what her kid wears. And I like to think I’m not – until I’m in a rush and have no time to explain to my two year old why it’s not appropriate for her to just wear a pair of knickers, wellies and a bobble hat to nursery.

This dress has proved a hit with my child, who has a dress sense Lady Gaga would be proud of. She loves the bold colour and I love the lack of insipid pink. The polka dots add an element of fun to win over any toddler, without bordering on the fussy.

Made from a comfy, stretchy jersey fabric, it also features some cute buttons down the back – although I have to draw on my deepest reserves of patience when my tot wants to do up Every. Single. Button herself.

Polarn O.Pyret buttons

Thank you Polarn O.Pyret for making getting dressed a tad easier!


Disclosure: We were sent the dress featured in this post for the purpose of this review. And rather lovely it is too.