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MAD Blog Awards

If you’re a blogger, the chances are you’ll be aware of a certain annual event called The MAD Blog Awards. If you’re not a blogger, you may already be scratching your head.

These awards come around every year and are – in the most part – received with a great sense of excitement in the UK parent blogging community.

For some, the idea of an awards ceremony for bloggers isn’t that appealing, as the idea of pitting bloggers “against each other” and creating a sense of competition isn’t what blogging is about for them. For others though, they see the awards as a great way to showcase their blog and find new blogs they’ve never come across before. It’s a celebration of the diverse talent around, even though it’s clear we can’t ALL win.

Personally, I’m in the latter group.

I was lucky enough to attend the 2011 MAD Blog Awards ceremony as a finalist in the Best Baby Blog category. Finding out I was shortlisted came at a really poignant time for me. I’d just decided not to return to my pre-pregnancy job and was beginning a new direction in my career, branching out from solely broadcast journalism, to writing feature articles for magazines, blogging, copywriting and doing the odd bit of radio presenting. I was newly self-emplyed and a bit scared. Making it as a finalist for a national award gave my self-confidence a much-needed boost and helped confirm that I was still good at something other than just changing dirty nappies.

This year things are different. I’m still self-employed and, working in the media industry, the landscape I work in is often changing. Blogging is now a part of what I “do” to bring home the bacon, but it’s also something I would do whether I was paid or not. I love it. It’s more than just a hobby or a job, it’s now part of who I am. When one area of my work is quiet or not going so well, my blog is always here as a quiet sanctuary to come back to and be creative. This will remain the same if I win an award or not.


But. Well, it’s nice to be recognised isn’t it? Whether it’s from my blogging peers or those of you who read this blog and still aren’t really sure what a blog actually is. To find out you’ve been nominated for doing something you love is a little bit special. Or maybe that’s just me.

What I'm doing when I'm not blogging or working - being covered in stickers by my toddler.

What I’m doing when I’m not blogging or working – being covered in stickers by my toddler.

So I’m going to embrace The MAD Blog Awards 2013 and cast my votes now. And I’m not going to be coy about the fact I would LOVE to be nominated by you if you enjoy what you read here. I’ve had a look through the categories and the only ones I could crowbar myself into are the Best Writer, Most Entertaining or Best Family Life categories.

If you’d like to vote, you’ll need to go to the MAD Blog Awards 2013 website and choose who you’d like to nominate in each category. You’ll be asked for the blog URL (in my case, this is http://www.mothersalwaysright.com) and your own name and email address. It’s quite simple really – even I managed it.

I think it’s a great opportunity to discover some new blogs and shout about the ones that you love. And if you’re in the mood for discovering new blogs, here are a few you might like to add to your reading list:

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