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Netflix and the first trimester

So far this pregnancy has seen me give up wine (sob), bread (double sob) and milk. But that’s not all. I’ve also given up late nights and adjusted the hours I spend sitting in front of my computer working. Gone are the 11pm marathon I’ve-Got-To-Meet-This-Deadline evenings and in are early nights and evenings wallowing in the bath.

The first trimester hasn’t been a particularly easy one. I’ve had horrible sickness, extreme exhaustion and felt generally crap. I wrote in my last post about some of the things that have helped, but I want to dedicate a special place in my heart and on my blog to one particular first trimester saviour: Netflix

Thank you Netflix, with your steadfast support of this tired, sicky pregnant lady. Thank you for always being there with a handy film or addictive series suggestion. Thank you for being my companion when nausea was stopping me from sleeping but exhaustion meant I couldn’t read a book. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

February and March have seen me devour the entire first season of Orange is the New Black (thank you to Charlotte from Write Like No One’s Watching for the recommendation on that one). This is a brilliantly written series set in the US about a very unlikely female convict. It made me laugh and cry and immediately click on “next episode” once I’d finished watching. I was distraught to find the next season hasn’t even been filmed yet. Can’t wait for that one.

I also finally caught up with the rest of the world and finished the last season of Breaking Bad. Now it’s over there’s a Walt and Jessie shaped hole in my life.

I’ve watched countless films (including the ever-highbrow Katy Perry: Part of Me) and got hooked on the first series of Mr Selfridge after missing it on TV the first time around.

My current best friend in the Netflix department is the gritty detective series called The Bridge. This was a recommendation back in 2012 from a Sweden-obsessed friend of mine but I haven’t had time to start watching it until now. It’s set in Sweden and Finland and makes compelling viewing. Even my subtitles-hating husband has become a fan.

So there you go. A few recommendations for you to try out if you find yourself pregnant, sick and needing an early night with an iPad and Netflix. You’re welcome.


Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. As ever, all views in this post remain my own.